CALLCARE and ResDiary Team Up To Bring Restaurant Bookings Up To Date
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CALLCARE and ResDiary Team Up To Bring Restaurant Bookings Up To Date

Many people have experienced that crushing moment, after making what they thought would be an easy and efficient online booking, of turning up to their restaurant of choice to be told that it didn’t go through, or there was an error, and they have no reservation after all. Perhaps equally frustrating is calling a restaurant repeatedly, and then if they do pick up during their busy opening hours, all you can hear are clattering plates in the background and not much else.

CALLCARE is teaming up with ResDiary, a comprehensive restaurant booking system that allows restaurant owners to completely take control of their reservations. “(Our) online reservation system fits perfectly with CALLCARE’s booking lines”, said a spokesperson from ResDiary. “The ease of our diary system partnered with CALLCARE’s experience in handling calls makes running your restaurant easier, more time-effective and more profitable.”

ResDiary want to revolutionise the way restaurants fill their tables. They offer a service that’s inclusive of bookings via social media, allows for unlimited users and gives restaurant managers a full view of their table plan, allowing them to view their next arrivals and the meal status of each guest.

And then at the end of a busy service, they can sit down and analyse the whole evening’s bookings, from how much was spent per table, to how often their cust
omers dine with them. ResDiary are truly bringing restaurant bookings kicking and screaming into 2014, and with the help of CALLCARE’s expert knowledge of customer service, it’s set to be a very prosperous partnership.

One restaurant thoroughly benefiting from this service is Toast Bar and
in Blackpool, a Tourism Award winner that specialises in locally
sourced produce and a seasonal menu.

They’re thrilled with ResDiary and CALLCARE’s combined service and have
“experienced a significant increase in business as a direct result of increased
customer satisfaction.” Toast offer an extensive lunch menu and then an exclusive á la carte dinner menu in the evening, so they understand that their
customers want impeccable service from start to finish. Many people think that good service begins when someone walks into the restaurant, but with a thorough booking system and expert customer service on your side, you can guarantee the best as soon as someone picks up the phone.

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