City, University of London test their switchboard before UCAS clearing

Every A-level results day, thousands of young people up and down the country contact universities to try and get a place on their course.

To be fully prepared for this, City, University of London needed to test the capabilities of their switchboard and their staff at managing a high volume of calls.

As well as managing the volume, City, University of London also wanted to test that the quality of their service would not be negatively affected by managing such a high volume.

The Challenges

City, University of London’s requirements presented CALLCARE with 3 primary challenges:

1. Creating the high volume of calls needed to simulate clearing day using real people rather than an automated load testing tool

2. Making the simulation fully immersive and as real as possible for the staff at City, University of London. This meant not just simulating the volume, but simulating the behaviour of the callers themselves, from confused callers, to angry callers to busy callers.

3. Providing useful an accurate feedback to City, University of London after the simulation has took place so they can enact real, beneficial changes to their system in time for clearing day.

CallCare’s Solution

In order to meet City, University of London’s requirements we came up with the following solution:

1. CALLCARE would use real operators to make the targeted 1000 calls over the course of a 2½ hour simulation

2. CALLCARE’s IT department would develop a system to automatically display scripts to the operators so they could make calls exactly as a potential student would

3. Each of CALLCARE’s operators would take notes throughout the process so we could provide City, University of London with in depth feedback about the customer’s journey once the simulation was complete.

The Results

Overall, the simulation was a success, with the following outcomes:

1. CALLCARE made 991 calls over the 2½ hour period

2. City, University of London could conduct a thorough test of their systems, including disaster recovery programs.

3. CALLCARE provided useful feedback that City, University of London were able to implement in time for UCAS clearing.

City, University of London Said:

“CALLCARE were committed, organised and communicative, from the outset of the project.

The service they provided in advance, and during, our simulation exercise was the single most important reason why we could approach Clearing (a business critical time) with the confidence we need that our systems, processes and people were fit for purpose.

I would wholeheartedly recommend other institutions using their services”

Dominic Davis (Head of Admissions)

Download the Report

To find out more about how we helped City, University of London prepare for UCAS clearing, Download the full report here.

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Gemma Harding
Gemma Harding

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