When running a business most people tend to communicate through typing out emails rather than by actually talking over the phone; these emails can sometimes come over as cold and unfriendly.  By changing your ways of speaking over the phone you will start forming a stronger relationship with your customers and they will become loyal to your company, and will continue to use your company over again with repeat business and also recommend to other like minded companies.

But how should you speak to your clients? You should ask yourself what is it your customer wants and what are they thinking about, and with this in mind, you should speak to your clients in a personal but strong and approachable manner.

Sometimes when we speak to someone in front of us there are often silences or pauses which we take as part of the conversation.  When speaking on the phone however these silences we sometimes think are not professional and there should always be someone speaking.  This isn’t the case however; your customers need some time to gain their thoughts giving them to formulate their ideas and response, so sometimes the silences can be advantageous.

When you have finished talking to your customers, have a customer data card to hand.

After you have spoken to them you can add to their card all the relevant and pertinent information you have gained over the phone, so as next time you speak to them you can recall some of their previous conversation or comments.

This will make them feel that they are important to you, maybe more so if the information is on a more personal level, and what they have said you have listened to and remembered. It’s a way of gaining their loyalty; they will feel they have a good rapport with you and your company.

And finally when you talk to your customers you must show them you really know your business and make them feel confident that they have made the right choice by choosing the right person for the job.

Don’t be hesitant when talking; be precise, never waver away from what you are trying to say, and if the conversation does go off the topic you must be authoritative and bring it back on course.

You may want to outsource a call centre to conduct this telephone answering service on your behalf.

Gemma Harding
Gemma Harding

As Head of Client Services Gemma is an expert in the telephone answering services industry.