According to the latest study, the amount of freelancers and remote workers which UK businesses are employing has increased by 68%. This is two thirds more than the past few years. Experts say that this is not just a fad but because of the recession, too.

According to the report, which was conducted by the small business review, businesses find that the actual quality of work conducted by freelancers and remote worker is better than that of full time staff. This means the trend is likely to increase even further in the future.

The results could be a virtual business revolution, as less people occupy a physical office space in its traditional form.

With this in mind, some businesses are adapting to this new work ethic by employing outsourced call centres for their telephone answering service needs. The thinking behind this are less people in the office picking up phones and occupying physical, central spaces, an outsourced call centre would receive all incoming calls and direct accordingly. The call might be directed to a mobile or a landline.

The call centres are flexible and adapt to your changing business needs, so if you choose not to answer calls one day from home you can simply request this and you will not be disturbed. This, along with many other benefits, can help pull together a business with its staff working remotely, as well as delivering a high standard of customer satisfaction at the same time.

Gemma Harding
Gemma Harding

As Head of Client Services Gemma is an expert in the telephone answering services industry.