According to a recent report into HMRC’s telephone answering services has found significant failings in HMRC’s call handling abilities –  one in three calls from people who try and contact the tax man are not answered. This amounts to 44 million unanswered calls in total, a huge number which is not expected to improve any time soon.

The problem with unanswered calls is that it shows a company to be inefficient and careless. Without consideration for the caller who may stay on hold for up to an hour, the company will come across unorganised and incompetent. This is worrying for callers who may have vested money into a product or service from the company. Even more worrying with the case above is that the unanswered calls are to the tax man, which makes callers wonder if other areas of their service are inefficient, too.

Telephone answering does not have to be like this. By outsourcing incoming calls to a call centre, companies can run a more efficient ship without disrupting current staff, with the reassurance that every single call is answered.

The call isn’t just answered but it is handled efficiently, with the query being answered or the booking being taken. All representatives in the outsourced call centre are trained and professional, displaying the very best image of your company possible.

Outsourcing is cost effective, too. It saves money in the long run from having to employ temporary staff to cover absences or reception staff to answer incoming calls. It means that in peak times, all callers will have their query answered and even in non peak times (such as the middle of the night) calls will still be taken and handled appropriately.

This level of customer service ensures happy customers and a more productive company as a whole.

Gemma Harding

As Head of Client Services Gemma is an expert in the call answering services industry.