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Outbound Services

We specialise in providing outbound contact centre services for non-sales campaigns. We provide you with a dedicated outbound team who can contact your customer base and perform duties such as customer service and “opt in” calls that help you meet SLAs. We can also engage in tasks such as follow up calls as part of a larger marketing campaign.

Our outbound services are an effective way for businesses offering loans to remain FCA compliant. New FCA regulations require businesses such as car dealerships and payday loan companies to make follow-up calls to assess their client’s eligibility to take out the loan. An outbound service from CALLCARE is an effective way to meet this requirement.

Your team will receive training on how to handle calls for your campaign, and all your calls will be made from contact centres in the UK.

Structuring your campaign

We create unique campaigns that meet your KPIs. Calls are made when you want us to make them, at a time that best targets your audience, whether during the day, the evening, or at weekends. When making calls our operators will follow a framework that we create in conjunction with you to ensure accurate data capture at all times.
By creating individual campaigns for each client, we maximise ROI on every account.

Data Protection

We are an FCA and DMA accredited organisation, and we sign NDA’s with all of our clients. All the data you provide us with as part of your outbound campaign is handled and stored in accordance with DPA guidelines.

We understand the damage to credibility data protection issues can cause, so we make data protection paramount.

MI Reports

Unique MI reports are created for each client. This ensures you receive the data you need, presented clearly, so you can see that you are meeting KPIs and can easily disseminate the report to key stakeholders. We can provide management information as and when you need it, and we can even provide updates in real time.

Customer Contact Programs

Our outbound services provide a cost effective solution to the customer contact calls that businesses are now obligated to make by the FCA.

Many businesses that sell products on finance, such as car dealers, or businesses that offer short term loans, are now required to contact a percentage of their client base and survey them to assess their eligibility to pay back their loan. This practice is required to ensure businesses don’t provide loans to unfit people.

We can develop a framework that will accurately capture this data for you, and conduct a campaign to survey your customers. This is a cost effective and efficient way to ensure your business remains FCA compliant.

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