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Automotive Telephone Answering Services

Today’s consumer demands 24/7 accessibility and excellent customer service. They want to be able to procure the service they require at any time of the day or night. The need for constant access is nowhere more important than in the highly competitive automotive sector, where customers have a wealth of choice and alternatives should your dealership or garage not be instantly available.

With summer holiday getaways, new registration releases and cold winters bringing you an influx of customers, it can be difficult to ensure your telephone lines are always answered promptly and professionally. As a result, your potential customers can go elsewhere and your existing customers can become frustrated and dissatisfied, not only losing you sales but also good customer relationships.

CALLCARE offers the ideal solution to missed calls and inconsistent customer service. Our reliable and professional call answering services guarantee a quick and consistent response to your customers. We can answer your phones as if we were based in your dealership, transfer customers to your various departments, book meetings and service appointments or simply take messages and email them to you for follow-up at your convenience.

We operate coach and chauffeur car transfers throughout the UK and rely heavily on CALLCARE to handle our out of hours calls. I have always found them to be highly professional and offer a consistently high standard of call response, allowing us to concentrate on our fast moving business. Our clients receive a seamless service that mirrors our own operation, ensuring that our product is not diluted in any way. In summary, I have no hesitation in recommending CALLCARE to any forward thinking organisation that holds quality and customer care at the forefront of their ideals.

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5 ways in which automotive dealers typically use CALLCARE:

  • To manage all incoming calls – seamlessly transferring calls to their correct destination
  • To answer calls outside office hours – capturing calls you may otherwise miss
  • To support you in busy periods – picking up calls your staff are unable to answer
  • To provide a dedicated response to advertising campaigns – easily measured against ROI
  • To guarantee business continuity – answering calls when normal business is disrupted

4 benefits of CALLCARE’s services to automotive dealers:

  • Increased revenue as more telephone availability results in more bookings being able to be processed and more sales staff to work the forecourt
  • Improved customer satisfaction as all clients are responded to and not left waiting on the phone
  • Increased client retention as improvements in customer care will encourage repeat purchases
  • Improved competitiveness as excellent customer service and accessibility will deter callers from going elsewhere

If you’d like more information about our services, get in touch now.

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