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Telephone Answering Specialists for Law Firms

Legal Telephone Answering Services for Law Firms, Lawyers and Solicitors.

Legal Telephone Answering Services for Law Firms, Lawyers and Solicitors

When it comes to handling calls in the legal sector, we believe that exceptional client care is essential. For firms on their way to being awarded or striving to maintain Lexcel v5 accreditation, outsourcing call handling to CALLCARE is an effective way to maintain a high standard of client care, and maximise efficiency in practice management.

In addition to this, outsourcing telephone answering will reduce operational costs and ensure your staff are supported during busy periods and absences. It is for this reason we have become a highly recommended service provider in the industry.

“We have worked with CALLCARE for a number of years now and are very satisfied with the approach, processes and professionalism applied to our accounts. Our company, Slater and Gordon, is a leading UK law firm so all our clients we entrust to them, need to receive the same high standard throughout any contact touch points. It needs to be the highest quality, which is what we get with CALLCARE. They are responsible for our out of hours cover and contingency, in times of unexpected volume call. CALLCARE understand the high standards that Slater and Gordon have and are most efficient in delivering well within our strict requirements. I would highly recommend working with them.”

*Slater and Gordon

Seamless Communication

Our service ensures seamless communication within your organisation, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When callers request to talk to specific members of your team, we can transfer your calls or take a message and ensure it is passed on. All client communication, new callers, and claim enquiries are provided the highest standard of service at all times to protect and reinforce your professional reputation.

Ensure Business Continuity

In order to remain compliant with chapter 7 of the SRA code of conduct, legal practices must have adequate systems in place to ensure business continuity. Outsourcing call handling to CALLCARE can be an integral part of your business continuity plan. We will ensure that whether your business is affected by a power cut, systems failure, or staff absences due to sickness, your lines of communication will remain open at all times. We have 3 call centres across Manchester and Cambridge, all on different power grids to ensure our service can be maintained even during a power outage. Talk to us today about how we can help to keep you SRA compliant.

5 Ways Law Firms Typically Use CALLCARE

At CALLCARE we offer bespoke solutions to help legal firms manage calls into their practice. As such, different practices use us in different ways. Here are five examples of ways a legal practice can use our services.

  1. To take all their calls – One of the most effective and straight forward ways to use CALLCARE is to outsource all your calls to us. Our highly trained operators act as a virtual reception and switchboard for the practice, taking messages and directing calls through the switchboard to find fee earners and specific staff members. By doing this you can effectively maximise efficiency and the quality of service the caller receives.
  1. To answer calls which would normally miss – If you already have an effective reception in house, it doesn’t mean you aren’t missing calls. What’s more, without call tracking technology, you don’t know how many calls you are missing. When you let CALLCARE handle your call overflow, you ensure that every call is answered even if staff are busy or if you’re experiencing absences.
  2. To provide a dedicated, on demand inbound enquiry line – One significant benefit CALLCARE can bring to any legal practice, but especially to conveyancers and PI lawyers, is to qualify calls. We can create a custom framework for our operators to follow that extracts all the information you need from every call. This allows you to quickly and easily qualify new enquiries so that fee earners can make the most of their time spent talking to clients.

4. To provide business continuity in the event of a disaster – As mentioned above, CALLCARE can ensure you remain compliant with the SRA code of conduct chapter 7. Even if you don’t need us day to day, you can have us on standby to ensure business continuity in the event of an emergency.

5. To support the on call solicitor – Our contact centre is active 24/7/365. That means we can effectively manage emergency response lines for your on call service. We will triage the call to assess whether it truly needs emergency attention or if it can be deferred until office hours, and if emergency attention is required we can dial out to your on call solicitors and brief them in to the issue. This improves efficiency and prevents on call solicitors being contacted unnecessarily.

Everything we do is tailored to your firm’s exact needs, requirements and professional regulations. We help you to maintain strong client service levels and stay one step ahead of the competition. Talk to us today, and we will provide the solution to the challenge of handling call volume in your practice. Complete the form or call us today.

*2012 Independent study by CXINLAW

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