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24 Hour Media Agency Answering Support

Media companies can add value to their services with support from CALLCARE. Our services can be used to handle calls above staff capacity, such as those received outside opening hours, or to provide direct response telephone lines for client campaigns.

To deliver a better return on investment for above and below the line advertisements, CALLCARE provide both dedicated phone numbers and teams of operators to answer all phone calls generated. The lines are manned 24/7 by real people who can fulfil requests immediately and answer any questions that may arise. Our customers have reported an increase in their campaign ROI because the public prefer to speak to a person not a machine.

When a media company uses CALLCARE to manage the response lines for its campaigns, calls come directly to the call centre via a tracked telephone number. The call is answered and often fulfilled by the CALLCARE operator. Fulfilment can range from posting brochures and processing orders to taking messages and relaying them back to the agency. All communication is reported via email and we can supply reports on the activity at any point, ensuring that everything is accountable and transparent.

We have now closed down our event completely, a bit sad but amazing results which is what we were after! I would like to thank both of you for the amazing service we received! The callers feedback was really good, we even has some people from Paris call apparently to check and were very happy! Also the booking system which was used by our counter in store was really user friendly! When they were returning the ipad to me yesterday they said they will miss being able to book so easily! Overall thank you so much for all your work and cooperation! I hope you enjoyed working with us as well! I really do hope that with any future bigger events we will work together again! Once again Thank you and well done!

Christian Dior

3 ways in which media agencies typically use CALLCARE:

  • To act as 24 hour direct media response line – 24 hour response lines
  • To manage phone lines when they are busy – overflow support
  • To provide follow up support for advertising and marketing activity – outbound campaigns

6 benefits of CALLCARE’s services to media agencies:

  • Improved ROI as real people answer calls and resolve issues immediately
  • Greater efficiency as dedicated lines mean no waiting time for callers
  • Guaranteed 24 hour response so you never miss a sales opportunity
  • Increased customer satisfaction as calls are answered 24/7
  • Greater accountability by improved measurement and full reporting
  • Added value for your clients through a full service offering, from advert to follow-up

If you’d like more information about our services, get in touch now.

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