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Renewable Energy Companies

The renewable energy sector is growing, with renewable energy in the form of Eco Boilers and Solar generating a higher return than ISA’s the consumer demand is ever increasing. Commercial awareness and Carbon footprint is at the heart of many businesses and demand is growing.

CALLCARE assists a variety of renewable energy companies, from those that offer plumbing, electrics, energy efficient windows, door and orangeries to solar PV and thermal to Eco Boilers CALLCARE can help.

4 ways in which Renewable Energy companies typically use CALLCARE:

  • To manage their diaries and appointments – When consumers want a quote
  • 24/7 dedicated reception, don’t lose customers out of hours, many consumers hang up faced with an answering service or IVR
  • To take calls when employees are off site and unable to answer their phone – back up support
  • To provide dedicated campaign response lines, taking calls generated via online marketing activities – media response lines

5 benefits of CALLCARE’s services to the renewable Energy Companies

  • Improved credibility as phones are always answered in a professional, courteous and helpful manner
  • Increased client acquisition due to no new sales opportunities being missed
  • Reduced admin and support staff costs but a reliable service retained
  • Uninterrupted telephone communication even if there is a system failure
  • Valuable marketing information

We will only deal with MCS registered companies.

For more information on CALLCARE’s Renewable Energy sector services or to discuss a no commitment trial period, please call 0345 055 8444 or request a call back.

Some of CALLCARE’s Clients

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Tel: 0345 055 8444

Data protection number: Z2674757
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