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Telephone Answering for Retail, B2C services, and Trade

Support your organisation with outsourced telephone answering from CALLCARE.

We create packages tailored to the needs of your business and strive to provide the highest standard of service at all times.

  • Outsource your appointment booking lines to ensure your branches and franchisees always have new business
  • Use CALLCARE as an outsourced 24/7 customer service department to ensure customers’ enquiries are resolved quickly and effectively
  • Provide customers with a dedicated 24/7 order line to support your website and maximise the return of your marketing campaigns
  • Create a remote switchboard to direct calls to your branches around the country so suppliers and service provides can always get in touch with the right people

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Our Retail Telephone Answering Services

Telephone answering for retail and B2C requires a call handling provider with a wide range of services.
Call handling from CALLCARE provides this wide range of services.
Whether you’re an ecommerce site, a chain of physical high street stores, or operate in the service industry, we can create a bespoke call handling package that will be perfectly suited to the needs of your business.
Depending on the nature of your industry and the specific challenge you need help meeting, the service we provide to you can vary greatly.
For example, when working with an ecommerce site we could be required to provide an out of hours order line. When working with a chain of hair and beauty salons we could provide an appointment booking service to ensure clients can get in touch at a time convenient to them.
Despite the wide range of services made available, one thing remains constant and that is the quality of our service.
At CALLCARE we strive to provide our clients with the highest standards of service that maximise customer journeys and support and protect the reputation of your organisation

Telephone Answering For Retail

Our telephone answering service is perfectly suited to supporting the needs of retail groups.
If you work in ecommerce, an outsourced telephone answering service can be used to help support your websites on a 24/7 basis.
We have found that we increasingly receive calls from people simple wishing to check the authenticity of a website before they make a purchase.
Having a real person available to answer your calls 24 hours a day sends the strong trust signals to your customers that are required to create a trustworthy brand.
In addition to this, an outsourced telephone answering service can support an ecommerce organisation by providing an order taking line. Many people still prefer to place orders over the phone so this is a good way to maximise revenue.
We are fully FCA accredited so any orders taken on your business’s behalf by CALLCARE will be fully safe and compliant with FCA regulations, and all data will be handled in compliance with Data Protection standards.
Another area in which we can assist ecommerce companies is by providing an outsourced customer service line.
We’ve invested over £15 million in our IT infrastructure so we can fully and seamlessly integrate with our clients’ systems to provide a fully outsourced customer service team.

Telephone Answering for Shops

In addition to all the ways mentioned above such as order taking and customer service, high street chains can benefit from using CALLCARE as a centralised hub to help ensure thorough and efficient communication throughout the business.
With a remote switchboard service from CALLCARE, we can take calls from customers, suppliers and service providers, and direct the calls through the business to the relevant people at the various branches of your organisation.
This means callers and suppliers can quickly and easily get through to the right branch when they need to. This ensures good communication is made throughout the organisation and will help to reducing mistakes in areas such as facilities management, stocking and deliveries, and HR.

Telephone Answering for B2C Services

For organisations that provide services to clients rather than sell products, outsourced telephone answering is a valuable tool.
Whether you are a chain of hair salons or a franchise of house cleaners, CALLCARE can help to ensure a high standard of communication throughout the business and ensure your clients can get access to your services when they need them.
With a 24/7 appointment booking service from CALLCARE your clients can call into your company at a time convenient to them and arrange an appoint with their local branch of your business.
This works well for the client as they can get access to the services they need without having to try and phone your company while they’re at work, and it’s beneficial for your staff as it ensures that they always have new jobs coming in. It also allows them to concentrate on their work rather than managing their diary.
Outsourcing telephone answering to CALLCARE means there is one centralised location where all the communication to your various branches is stored.
This information can then be provided as Management Information reports to help your organisation maximise its communication strategy and check the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.
In addition to this you can combine any other elements of our services to create a package that is tailored to the requirements of your organisation.

Find Out More About Telephone Answering for Retail and Trade

If you have a requirement that you believe can be met by an outsourced telephone answering service from CALLCARE we would be happy to discuss this with you further.
Get in touch with us today and we can arrange a complimentary audit that will identify your exact requirements so we can create a package that is perfectly tailored to your organisation.
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