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Security Firm Specialists 24 Hour Emergency Hotline

CALLCARE’s work with security firms involves facilitating the 24/7 response offering. We provide an unobtrusive 24hr call-out option; one that does not rely on an employee leaving their mobile phone switched on throughout the night. Instead, our solution is a 24/7, fully manned call centre operation, experienced in answering emergency calls and escalating them quickly and efficiently to the on-call engineer.

Additionally, we provide safety and protection for on-call employees when they are out alone, on patrol or fixing a fault on site. We dedicate a member of the CALLCARE team to monitoring their safety and confirm they are safe at regular intervals.

3 ways in which security firms typically use CALLCARE:

  • To act as an emergency line for sites that need urgent security support – emergency hotline
  • To monitor employee safety when at a client site – lone worker protection
  • To be available via the phone, offering 24/7 security and safety – 24 hour support

5 benefits of CALLCARE’s services to security firms:

  • Peace of mind that staff are remotely monitored and emergencies are escalated to the authorities
  • Improved customer service as calls are answered at any time of the day or night
  • A professional image as calls are answered by ‘your’ call centre, not an employee’s mobile phone
  • Reliability and consistency as no out of hours calls are missed
  • Reduced support staff and admin costs as calls are answered by a cost effective outsourced service

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