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Travel Agency Telephone Support And Customer Service Lines

CALLCARE works in partnership with travel agencies by helping them deliver a variety of holiday packages to the public, at all times of the year.

We offer valuable customer service lines to deal with all queries and regularly deal with provisional bookings to ease our clients’ workload and increase their capacity for processing bookings.

Our travel service can fully process bookings via a scripted service, that we work with you to develop, and can include payment and order processing if necessary. Alternatively, CALLCARE can simply take a detailed message of the customer’s requirements and email the message to your sales team to respond to when they have the capacity.

5 ways in which travel agents typically use CALLCARE:

5 benefits of CALLCARE’s services to travel agents:

  • Increased revenue as more telephone operators result in more bookings being able to be processed
  • Improved customer satisfaction as all clients are responded to, not left frustrated by automated messages
  • Increased client retention as improvements in customer service will make them more likely to book again
  • Increased capacity with CALLCARE acting as part of your existing team, as and when required
  • Improved communication with international operators and agents therefore fostering better business relations

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