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Specialist Student Contact You Can Trust

CALLCARE are a UK-based multichannel customer service centre. A national provider based in Manchester, we support your existing in-house team to help you provide complete student satisfaction. Since 1998 we've been tried and trusted by large Public and Private Sector businesses, with a proven track record of working with Universities during clearing and putting a specialist team in place.

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  • Your Calls In Our Care

    There's no knowing what volume of calls you'll be handling. Can your system cope?

    We can seamlessly support your in-house team at times of high call volumes. So when all your call handlers are occupied, our rigorously trained team are available to help. We can answer all your calls, or just the ones you can't answer yourself.

  • Testing Your System

    Is your system ready for a high volumes of calls? We can do a stress test to find out so that you and your staff are fully prepared.

    Other companies do stress testing, the difference is, we actually use people to make the calls rather than computers. Simulating a more realistic result and ensuring you can provide an effective and reliable service.

  • Disaster Recovery

    At a time like clearing when students are relying on you, the last thing you need is a system failure.

    CALLCARE can offer you peace of mind. As we did with City, University of London, we can give you the opportunity to test disaster recovery protocols to make sure they would be effective if the worst were to happen.

  • Always Available

    We understand your student. We know that they may want to contact you for help or information 24-hours a day, especially overseas students who are more likely to call the UK out of hours.

    We can offer a dedicated 24-hour information hotline for these situations as our UK-based centres are operated 24/7 with full-time staff.

Tried and Trusted

Since starting as a regional company in 1998, we have grown into an expert national provider that our clients how they can rely on. Our strong history and level of experience is personified in our valued stakeholders, experienced directors and mature staff.

We have worked with many universities to make clearing a smoother process for both them and their students. Over the years we've built up a trust with each and have proved we offer fantastic student experience.

Good customer service is the key to success in business these days and for universities, it's no different. We provide unparalleled customer service with teams of experts in call scripting and call flow management. Services we offer range from call handling and helpdesk support to diary management and booking and order lines.

How It Works

  • 1. Initial Enquiry

    1. Initial Enquiry

    Call in and speak to one of our sales team or complete our simple online form.

  • 2. Consultation

    2. Consultation

    After contact has been made we would discuss a suitable package.

  • 3. Quote

    3. Quote

    Provide a quote and send a proposal through, tailored to your requirements.

  • 4. Paperwork

    4. Paperwork

    We then proceed onto the relevant paperwork in order to get your package started.

  • 5. Setup

    5. Setup

    We pass your account onto our scripting team to finalise your account and add your clients' details onto our database and integrate with your CRM where necessary.

  • 6. Go live

    6. Go live

    Your account is reviewed by yourselves and your account manager, tested at our site and then finalised before we go live.

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