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Facilities Management Support

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3 key uses for our facilities management service:

  • Diary management and translator services
  • Marketing and outbound calls are made to clients
  • Assistance for lone workers and disaster recovery

Working in today’s fast paced business environment can be tough and every employer wants their business to perform efficiently, take advantage of every business opportunity and ensure that all clients receive the best possible service.

That’s why outsourcing a facilities management call centre has become popular as it can offer support to all businesses and ensures that you handle your workloads efficiently and prioritise clients.

CALLCARE’s facilities management services include anything from diary management, to handling all incoming calls. This gives you greater control over your business activities as well as presenting a consistent, professional image to clients and prospective contacts. Our service works particularly well for companies whose staff work internationally or are constantly on the road, so managing communications can be difficult.

Outsourcing a call centre makes perfect business sense for many reasons and has a whole host of benefits. With the advantage of centrally managed communications, no message is ignored or forgotten and this allows your workforce to function more effectively with greater control over administration and organisation.

At CALLCARE, we not only help facilitate diary management and answer incoming calls but we can also act as a translator service for companies who work with international businesses. On top of this, we can also make marketing or other outbound calls to clients, provide assistance for lone workers and produce a disaster recovery option should your systems fail. This helps you provide a seamless and professional company image at all times – essential to any successful modern business.

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