Virtual Switchboard Services

Ensure seamless call routing and exceptional customer journeys with a virtual switchboard service.

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Why Choose Virtual Switchboard Services?

  • Never miss a business opportunity

    A virtual switchboard keeps phone lines covered at all times and helps you capture more leads.

  • Improved customer service

    Provide better customer journeys when calls are routed to the right people every time.

  • Promote your brand image

    Every time someone calls your organisation they will be greeted by a friendly professional operator creating a great first impression.

Virtual Switchboard Services - Smiling male call handler
Virtual Switchboard Services - Smiling male call handler

Comprehensive Switchboard Management

CALLCARE can remotely act as your switchboard by patching calls through to your employees, day or night.

If they are unavailable, a message can be taken and emailed directly to the recipient, so no communication is missed. This service can support your existing team by diverting any calls they cannot answer through to our call handlers. It can even work as a standalone system by taking every call your business receives.

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Dedicated Virtual Receptionist Services

This service is ideal for companies who want a consistent image communicated to their clients and want to manage all incoming calls through one number. Our call handlers answer all your calls professionally, as if they are an employee based in your office. We ensure calls get through to the right person every time and are able to eliminate unwanted sales calls by transferring only calls you specify.

Professional service firms are the types of companies that typically use our remote switchboard telephone answering service, as they benefit from the cost savings it generates for them by not having to employ staff in house and also ensures that no important calls are lost.

Virtual Switchboard Services- Female telephonist
Virtual Switchboard Services - Slater Gordon logo
Client Testimonial

Slater and Gordon

"We have worked with CALLCARE for a number of years now and are very satisfied with the approach, processes and professionalism applied to our accounts. Our company, Slater and Gordon, is a leading UK law firm so all our clients we entrust to them, need to receive the same high standard throughout any contact touch points. It needs to be the highest quality, which is what we get with CALLCARE. They are responsible for our out of hours cover and contingency, in times of unexpected volume call. CALLCARE understand the high standards that Slater and Gordon have and are most efficient in delivering well within our strict requirements. I would highly recommend working with them."