4 ways to create a ‘speak up’ culture and drive your business forward
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4 ways to create a ‘speak up’ culture and drive your business forward

Nobody likes confrontation, and many people will go out of their way to avoid conflict. At work, however, there are instances where people must voice their concerns, air grievances and speak their mind. In the spirit of transparency, employers should

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Why telephone answering style is important (and how to nail it)

It only takes seven seconds to form a first impression. Answer phone calls professionally and you’ll help callers form a positive impression not just of you as a person, but of your brand and business as a whole. Answer the

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11 common call centre interview questions (and how to answer them)

Few things in life can feel as daunting and nerve-wracking as a job interview. But like any other opportunity, preparing ahead of time can make the process far easier and much less daunting. By understanding the type of questions you

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What Is Call Handling and Who Should Use It?

What Is Call Handling? Call handling is a service that allows businesses to outsource their phone lines, or aspects of their phone answering, to a specialist service provider. A call handling company will answer the call and can provide a

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The Importance of Politeness in Customer Service

We are taught politeness from an early age and although it costs very little to be mindful of, it holds a hefty price if neglected. Politeness is an underestimated virtue in the UK business sector, and plenty of the biggest

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