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CALLCARE – The leading Call Centre Specialists and Contact Centre Outsourcing Specialists.

CALLCARE was established in 1998 as an emergency call answering service, with our first contract being with the Blue Light Ambulance Services in the Northwest operating from the Cambridge area. We also had a call centre in Scotland and offices in Surrey. Then in 2008 we consolidated into a central 24 hour response with a call centre in Manchester. By 2011 we moved our head office to London and more recently we have expanded our offices and call centres further in Manchester.

Working in partnership with a wide range of clients from both the public and private sectors, we tailor our services to meet our customers’ needs and have a unique understanding of the issues that their business and their personnel face every day.

Our services range from overflow call handling, telephone answering, lone worker protection schemes and emergency call-out lines. Our clients rely upon us to ensure that their calls are answered quickly, courteously and professionally and that their staff always have a contact point in case of emergency, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

To assist us in our the delivery of service, CALLCARE works with a variety of strategic partners, cherry picked to ensure that our call handling operations are of the highest quality.

Never Miss A Call With Our Purpose Built 24 Hour Call Centres

CALLCARE operates three outsourced call centres in the Greater Manchester and the Cambridgeshire area and all are easily accessible via the motorway system. Each call centre is strategically placed on a separate national grid, to ensure CALLCARE has no single point of failure, should there be a power outage.

All the centres operate 24/7, with our full time staff working a varied shift pattern to ensure each hour of the day is adequately covered. Each centre has less than 50 seats to allow for pleasant working conditions and avoiding the stereotypical image of call centre operations.

About Our Technology
At CALLCARE we pride ourselves on our purpose built technology, which allows us to tailor our services to your exact requirements. All of our call systems have been built in house and are managed and maintained by our on-site, full time team which allow us to quickly respond to your account requests.

About Our Staff
At CALLCARE we are aware that our people make our business as they represent both our business and yours. All of our employees are British based, with local accents, which helps to best represent the companies we serve. We only employ experienced, friendly staff who are dedicated to making a good impression on your callers and representing your company to the best of their ability.

About Our Quality
CALLCARE’s quality control is key. All of our employees go though a rigorous six stage induction programme and are regularly trained on each CALLCARE account. Every call is recorded and monitored to maintain consistently high levels of quality and to make sure your calls are answered to your exact specifications.

Our processes

Easy To Understand, Professional Call Handling Process

When you join CALLCARE you will be given a unique phone number. Calls made to your telephone number will be diverted automatically (via your telephone line provider or your telephone system) to our communication system which routes the calls to an operator specially trained, according to your requirements.

The operator acts as one of your receptionists, greets your customer in your organisation’s name and assists them using the instructions on the computer screen. If the caller asks for a member of your team, the operator takes the message following the instructions provided by you.

Your staff members can receive their messages via email or SMS. Alternatively, calls can be patched through to them directly.

What are your options?

Whichever method of diverting calls you choose there are four carefully designed packages:

  • Divert All Calls – we answer all your organisation’s calls
  • Divert Engaged Calls – we only answer the call when all of your staff are busy on the phone
  • Divert Unanswered Calls – we answer calls outside office hours and when your staff are not picking up within a preordained time
  • Time Dependent Divert – we answer calls after they have rang your company “X” number of times

Some of CALLCARE’s Clients

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