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  • Call centre staff responding to outsourced calls.
    What are outsourcing services?

    Outsourcing is the act of delegating tasks to a third party outside of your company. Although it’s a strategy often used to speed up the time it takes to complete tasks, outsourcing can also be done as a way of moving the task to a third party that specialises in doing it, pote... ...

  • Bar Charts Showing Phone and Social Response Times of Mobile Phone Networks
    Phone vs Twitter

    How long does your mobile network keep you on hold? In today’s 24/7 digital age, we’re used to getting things on demand. Whether it’s ordering a product online for next-day delivery or accessing help via live chat software on companies’ websites when making a purchase, we... ...

  • Call Handler Answering Call.
    CALLCARE set to exhibit at Management In Practice

    CALLCARE will be exhibiting at Management in Practice at Olympia London on Thursday 26th September and we’d love to talk to you about how we can support your practice. We’ve been providing on-demand support for Primary Care and working alongside GP surgeries for over 20 y... ...

  • Business Woman In An Office On The Telephone.
    How to answer a business phone call

    From the moment you answer the phone, your customer will be forming their own opinions about your business, and gaining an insight into how you run. Therefore you want this experience to be as good as possible. The best way to do this is to answer the phone in a professional and ... ...

  • Customer Service Lady Talking Into Phone Headset At Computer.
    What is a customer service model?

    To make sure that your customers are receiving the best service that your business has to offer, consider creating a bespoke customer service model. Having this in place will ensure that your staff know what to do when a complaint comes in and how they can deal with it in a profe... ...

  • Happy Customer Collecting Shopping Bags In Clothes Shop.
    How to create an exceptional customer experience

    Customer experience is all about how happy your consumers are. Do they enjoy shopping with you? Do they find shopping at your business fun and exciting? If the answer to either of these questions is no, then you may need to improve your customer experience – but how do you ... ...