Maximise internal efficiency and ensure your customer service never has to suffer

Answering calls in-house can prove costly to your internal team’s time and productivity. At CallCare, we maximise efficiency in your business through our professional, remote receptionist services.

Absence / Overflow Cover

Available whenever you need us, our operators are on-hand to pick up call overflow during peak periods or when members of your staff are absent or unavailable. Providing a smooth transition from your phone lines to ours, we offer a flexible solution that lets you handle the excess calls.

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Diary Management System

CallCare keeps you organised with cutting-edge diary management and work-booking system. Useful for managing workload and keeping on top of productivity, it is a flexible, professional solution to keep your business on track. Encouraging better cross-business communication, we make sure everyone stays on the same page.

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Virtual Receptionist

Our virtual receptionists are well-trained and will become a dedicated extension of your organisation. We work alongside our clients to decide on best practices and identify the most effective processes so every call is handled efficiently, professionally, and with no answering machines or frustrating hold music.

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Virtual Switchboard

Our virtual switchboard services ensure a smooth and professional customer journey, 24 hours a day. Our operators are always available to patch calls through to the relevant member of your team. Or, if this isn’t possible, they will take a message and email it directly to the intended recipient, maximising efficiency and maintaining the highest quality of service.

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What do our receptionist services offer?

Customer satisfaction

To keep customers satisfied and your reputation glowing, you need to establish yourself as an organised and professional business first. Our receptionist services ensure you have the means to provide a quality service that significantly improves customer satisfaction, retention, and acquisition.

Constant support

There is no such thing as ‘downtime’ or ‘out of office’ at CallCare. We are always switched on and ready to help, meaning your business can be too. With an effortless transition process from your internal teams to our own, we can consistently support your customers and will devote our full attention to providing a positive service.


We understand every business is different, with their own needs and priorities. We take the time to understand your business, working together to find unique solutions to the problems you face. Whether you need us full-time, during evenings and weekends, or whenever your call volume becomes unmanageable, we are here to help.

Customer Services

There is no substitute for providing professional, personable, and dedicated customer service. Offering a seamless customer journey all day, every day is essential for standing out in your industry and earning new opportunities.

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Incident Management

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your customer experience just because things don’t go to plan. While you can’t always control when or if something goes wrong in your operations, with CallCare, you can minimise the impact this has on your business.

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