Encouraging long-term business growth through data-driven insights.

At CallCare, our approach with clients is threefold: we help you identify where your customer service is now, where it sits amongst your peers, and how you can measure yourself moving forward.

Internal insight

Long-term effective change cannot happen unless you know where your business is currently at. CallCare takes the time to collect the data and insights you need to see the full picture of your business’s current strengths and weaknesses in terms of efficiency, customer experience, and service.


Collecting all the essential information – including calls taken, types of calls, calls by location, answer times, and sources of new enquiries, amongst others – we assemble management information system (MIS) reports to shed light on how you are currently operating. 


We give you the intelligent information you need to move forward, whether that is helping to inform your marketing team on future strategies, identifying your customers’ frequent pain points so you can address them ahead of time, or using client feedback to assist your team on future improvements.


All this information helps aid efficiency and ensures you have a better understanding of your business and a greater return on investment. It also allows us to tailor our services to better support your individual needs.

Creating real metrics 

After collecting the necessary data and using this to benchmark where your business currently is, we work alongside you to identify ways of moving forward more efficiently and cost-effectively. We focus on the long-term, using our MIS reports to guide you and identify what you can measure yourself on moving forward.


We create real metrics to keep you moving in the right direction. Our focus is on monitoring the information that is truly relevant in order to save you money, increase efficiency, improve customer service, and maximise sales or profits. Whether it is average handling time, answering time, or the number of orders processed, we focus on the bigger picture to keep your customer experience premium and competitive.


For example, say we identify that out of your twenty engineers, five are never answering the phone. This provides valuable insight into your own business that allows you to be reactive and move forward in a more informed way. We help you to identify patterns like these and use them to lift the standard you hold yourself to, creating KPIs that keep everyone on the same page and improve the overall efficiency and quality of your organisation.

Outward perspective

By harnessing all the valuable information we collect, we can establish a benchmark to compare your business against others in the industry. Partnering with CallCare is about building an ongoing relationship in which we give you wider insight into your industry best practices and keep you accountable to do even better.


Unlike other service providers, CallCare doesn’t follow one rule for every client. Instead, we use insight from you, our own expertise, and tangible data to adapt our scripts and systems, shaping them around your unique business, and creating effective long-term strategies. 


With decades of experience behind us, we know what works. And we balance the inward insight of your business with the outside perspective of your sector, providing you with valuable information to use internally to ensure you are exceeding standards. By better understanding your position in the wider industry, your business can strive towards better ROI, greater efficiency, smoother customer journeys, and significantly improving customer experience.

Example MIS report

We provide tailored MIS reports to give you detailed insight into how your interactions are handled and highlight business efficiencies.

View an example MIS report here