Move forward with the confidence and security that your business, customers, and staff are fully protected

Business is largely uncertain and unpredictable. But at CallCare, our outsourced call centres are ready to support you whenever emergencies arise, letting you handle those surprising moments with ease.

24 7 Helpdesk Support Outsourcing Service

Give your customers round-the-clock, dedicated support with our high quality outsourced help desk services. We are available to work alongside your in-house teams to handle high call volumes or provide extra call handlers outside of office hours.

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Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Service

When disaster strikes, maintaining efficient communication is essential to minimising disruption and keeping your customers supported. The financial and reputational damage from power shortages or unexpected downtime can be severe. At CallCare, we provide a seamless transition to our call centres as part of our business continuity and disaster recovery service, giving you vital support should the need ever arise.

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Emergency Engineer & Maintenance Call Outs

Whenever your customers have an emergency, you need quick and efficient incident management solutions. Our operators triage your customer calls to ensure priority is given to the most pressing situations. And we can pass over all relevant information to your on-call emergency engineers to have issues resolved as soon as possible.

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Incident Handling Service

With operators who are skilled and experienced in incident handling, CallCare is there for your customers when they need it most. We analyse calls to assess severity, troubleshoot to find a quick solution, or if this is not possible, handover all the necessary information to your on-call personnel.

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What do our incident management services offer?

Peace of mind

Our minor and major incident management services are about providing a sense of security. That no matter what, your business, customers, and staff are protected, supported, and receiving the assistance they need. This allows you to focus on core operations and business development, confident that everything else will run smoothly.

Full compliance

When it comes to staff safety, security, and client service-level agreements, compliance is mandatory, not an optional extra you turn on and off when you wish. At CallCare, we have stringent incident management processes. We ensure you are operating with full compliance, meeting all regulatory requirements, and not putting your business under any risk.


No matter what, your customers will expect a high level of support and availability from your business. Should you experience any disruption or emergencies, we make sure your customer service continues as normal, offering the professionalism, dedication, and knowledge that your customers have come to expect from your team.

Customer Services & CX Management

There is no substitute for providing professional, personable, and dedicated customer service. Offering a seamless customer journey all day, every day is essential for standing out in your industry and earning new opportunities.

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Secretary & Receptionist Services

Streamline your operations and ensure maximum efficiency with our business call answering service. We answer your calls quickly, patching them through to the appropriate staff or taking messages to ensure you always know what is going on.

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