A dedicated, 24/7 team to support your customers and business

Becoming a valuable extension of your brand, our highly skilled CX consultants can guarantee a seamless customer experience, providing a quality, one-of-a-kind service all day, every day.

Customer Service Outsourcing

Always be available to your customers with our 24/7 outsourced customer support lines. In competitive industries, a premium, consistent customer experience is what really sets you apart. Our operators are experts in CX management. They get to know your business to ensure they always reflect your personality, commitment, and values.

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Outsourced Contact Centre

We work with your business to find tailored call solutions to suit your business’s individual needs. By assisting your customer support team, we free up your staff’s time to focus on core operations while ensuring your customers still receive the very best service.

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Order Taking Call Centre Service

Support marketing and advertising campaigns with efficient, separate order request lines. CallCare collects the data you need to make informed decisions on future campaigns and can fulfil orders and share relevant information to maximise your internal efficiency.

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Telephone Answering Service

Whether you need someone to handle general enquiries, want support outside of office hours, or need assistance when you have a higher volume of calls, our bespoke telephone answering service helps you maintain a customer-first approach.

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What do our customer services offer?

Data collection and reports

At CallCare, we collect data and create reports to document all the insights that matter most to you. Whether you want an overview of call volume, conversion rates, or want to identify which marketing channels are proving most effective, our regular reporting encourages informed decision-making and ensures you are always moving in the right direction.

24/7/365 support

Being constantly available to your customers is increasingly important across all industries. There is an expectation today that you must always be reachable. CallCare is open 24 hours, 7 days a week, meaning you can always be accessible. With outsourced customer support, you become more available, without the added expenses of out-of-office staff.

Improved efficiency

As customer expectations increase, you might find more and more of your time and effort is spent answering calls. At CallCare, our outsourced call centres take this obligation off your hands, freeing up your time to focus on daily operations. Our operators answer your calls, connect them to a relevant internal staff member, or take a message to send via email.

Incident Management Services

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your customer experience just because things don’t go to plan. While you can’t always control when or if something goes wrong in your operations, with CallCare, you can minimise the impact this has on your business.

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Secretary & Receptionist Services

Streamline your operations and ensure maximum efficiency with our business call answering service. We answer your calls quickly, patching them through to the appropriate staff or taking messages to ensure you always know what is going on.

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