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Start Your Free 1 Week Trial Of Our Telephone Answering Service

Call Audit

We know that most businesses are unaware of how many calls they are missing, or even how long their clients are on hold for before hanging up. That’s why we invite you to take 1 week’s free trial of our call handling service. In that time we can audit your calls, and show you how many calls and new enquiries you’re losing.

At no cost and no inconvenience to your company, we will set up a dedicated team to answer all of the calls that you’re currently missing. For the entire week, our highly skilled staff will deal with the calls in accordance with your pre-defined instructions, seamlessly integrating into your business.

So how does it work?

Step 1 – Get in Touch

If you’re interested in a free trial and audit, get in touch with us today. Our team is on hand to talk you through the process and explain how call handing will benefit your business. They’ll initiate the process of your free trial and audit so you can start benefitting from our service as quickly as possible.

Step 2 – The Free Trial Begins

Once your account is set up you can start diverting your calls to CALLCARE to begin your free trial and audit. With CALLCARE, you know your calls are in safe hands.

  • Every single one of your calls will be answered in the UK by our highly trained operators
  • You will receive messages and call information in real time from every call we take
  • The entire process is overseen by our experienced account managers

The free trial allows us to gather the information we need to compile our in depth audit, and allows you to experience our service first-hand.

Step 3 – The Audit Report

We’ve invested over £13m in state of the art technology, which allows us to create a comprehensive audit of the calls we’ve taken during your free trial period.

The audit includes the following information:

  • Total number of calls, on a day by day basis, that are being lost by your company
  • The different types of calls being lost
  • The times of the day where calls are handled most and least efficiently
  • The number of concurrent calls being lost and at which times of the day and week these occur

With our audit you will be in a position to make an informed decision about our services. It can also help you with benchmarking against the industry standard and identifying any issues that your employees might currently face.

Step 4 – Creating a Bespoke Solution

With the information gathered from your audit we can design a bespoke solution that will perfectly serve the needs of your business. Depending on the outcome of the audit we can offer a range of services, including but not limited to:

  • Out of hours and overflow cover
  • Remote switchboard services
  • Incident response services
  • Outsourced customer service lines
  • Qualifying leads into your business

While you aren’t obligated to use CALLCARE following your free trial and audit, the information we provide will show how CALLCARE improves efficiency and provides fantastic ROI, making it a good choice for any business.

Contact Us Today

Start your free trial and audit by calling us on 0345 055 8444

Call today and talk to our highly trained staff about how a free trial and audit can benefit your business. Call us now or fill in a form.

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