Telephone answering is a basic customer service, and being polite is a basic trait which we expect to receive when calling a company. However, some companies may not grace their callers with the friendly and polite service they deserve.

Communicating with your clients is one of the most important areas of customer services, customers need to feel there is someone on the end of the line that will listen to them and answer any enquiries or queries they may have.

Some companies have large numbers, possibly in the hundreds, of calls coming in on a daily basis which is a laborious if not impossible task to handle and so politeness in some calls might fall by the wayside if trying to answer these calls yourself in house.

Answering the phone correctly will portray the right image of the company. Business reputation is everything in the competitive industry you’re in!

By outsourcing to a telephone answering service, staff are fully briefed on your business will have a full understanding of your company and your business needs to ensure your calls are dealt with professionally and politely.

Similarly a telephone answering service can assist with small parts of the day when your resources are stretched like lunchtimes or engaged calls or even holiday cover to ensure you never miss an opportunity.

Businesses that could benefit from this service range from one man building firms to multinational corporate business.

By outsourcing an answering service, UK companies can receive the help and expertise of a dedicated team based in a large call centre where every call will be answered quickly by a friendly operator.

The operator is fully trained to answer enquiries for your company and will be briefed on your business so they understand you and your company properly. Your individual needs will be discussed with your requirements being implemented and regularly monitored.

Your business needs can change so these handling requirements can be reviewed at any time and updated, upgraded, amended and changed as and when your business needs demand it.

In order to ensure your callers receive a polite and professional service, outsourcing may be one way of achieving this.

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Ross Barnes-Moore