CALLCARE is the Fastest Growing Call Centre in the UK thumbnail image Published on 21st April 2011 by Gemma Harding

CALLCARE, the 24-hour call handling service, is rapidly expanding.  Having recruited over 50 new staff since its relocation to the city in 2008, it is now beginning a recruitment drive for a further 100 employees and looking for new premises in the Manchester area.

The intensive hiring the company is pursuing is a reflection of the growth CALLCARE is experiencing in the requirement for its products and services.  The company projects profits of £650k this year.

Bringing jobs to Manchester

Manchester, as a location, is key to this expansion.  With a capital injection of £3.5 million from a middle eastern venture capital fund the 11-year-old company retained its Cambridge headquarters but chose to expand its call centre operations into the North, namely Manchester.

Manchester was chosen as a prime location for expansion because of the hub of activity it has become for the professional services industry; “Manchester is a UK business capital, second only to London, our expansion plans in the city reflect our desire to be part of that ” David Bate (MD)

David went on to express the benefits Manchester has for recruitment;
“The role of the PA involves being able to communicate with a variety of different people from different backgrounds, our people need to be educated and adaptable, fortunately, with its high business density Manchester has become a pool of talent and diversity from which we can pick the right people for the job.”

Around-the-clock service in the UK

The company operates an around the clock telephone answering service beyond just the traditional reception and switchboard calls. CALLCARE services also include; taking call centre overflow work, support for lone workers in potentially vulnerable situations and emergency hotlines.  Clients pay a fixed monthly fee and then an amount per call, calls can be directed to on-duty staff, mobiles or messages can be taken.

Having already established themselves in the city and holding key contracts with a number of Greater Manchester councils and professional services the company is looking to grow on their success.  CALLCARE want to dispel the caution that surrounds outsourcing and convince Manchester’s professional sector to recognise excellent customer care as a key factor in giving them and the city that competitive business edge!

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