Coronavirus – Is your higher education facility prepared? thumbnail image Published on 28th February 2020 by Gemma Harding

With the news that Coronavirus is causing closures in educational facilities across the country, it’s worth asking if your higher education establishment is prepared.


Concerns from students, parents and staff are inevitably going to increase in the coming weeks. The effects of Coronavirus are predicted to be felt across the educational sector for months to come due to travel bans being imposed on international students coming from affected countries. 


A sudden increase in calls can overwhelm your day to day operations and put a strain on your resources. Calls could range from concerned international students about being able to attend interviews, to parents worried about safety. Students come first in the higher education sector and we understand that duty of care is imperative to your establishments.


How can CallCare help?


Since 1998, CallCare has had a proven track record of working with Universities to support your in-house team. Having built up an extensive knowledge base within this sector, we know that students, especially international students can contact you with concerns at any time of day. We can support your university with a dedicated 24-hour information hotline for these situations as our UK-based centres are operated 24/7, 365 with full-time staff.


Our specialist trained call handlers can calm concerned and anxious students and family members. We are able to put a simple process flow in place to advise them on procedures, protocols and any general advice to help direct their queries to the right place. We can also provide you with a media response line should a student in attendance at your establishment become unwell. It is essential to have the ability to respond to the media in a timely manner, with one clear and approved message from your university. This can limit reputation damage and maintain an organised front.


From just £1 a call, CallCare will create a bespoke framework for your university where our call operators will then be able to navigate advice for your students. 


We can support your university in various different ways, from disaster recovery and clearing to facilities management. Our overflow services are available not just during peak times, we’re also able to assist during periods of staff sickness and training. 


Contact us today to see how we can support your university with all your call handling needs, or find out more about our higher education support provisions here. Or call us on 0161 920 8802.