Published on 11th July 2011 by Gemma Harding

Last week it was announced that the major high street bank Santander decided to move all of its call centres back to the UK from India after many complaints from its customers regarding poor customer service. Inability to get through to speak to someone quickly, poor telephone lines and frustrating conversations meant that many of Santander’s 25 million customers ended up feeling let down and undervalued by its bank.

The move to open up call centres in the UK will not only open up many more jobs for the country but will also ensure customers are given the top notch customer service that they demand (and deserve.)

Many companies like Santander are recognising the importance of good customer service to improve client relations and encourage new business opportunities.

Some are deciding to use call centre outsourcing as a means of achieving this. This will free up staff time from answering phones as well as giving customers a guaranteed line which will always be answered, no matter what the time of day or night, by a friendly, professional receptionist.

An outsourced call centre adapts flexibly to your business’ needs, directing messages if required, eliminating time wasting calls if that is your issue, and delivering a high quality service to anyone who happens to call you.

The result is new clients, happy customers and eventually repeat business, something which is invaluable to any business in the wake of the recession, where every single customer counts.