The differences between Telephone Answering, Virtual Reception and Virtual Switchboard thumbnail image Published on 12th March 2021 by Gemma Harding

At CallCare, client satisfaction is one of the most important metrics showcasing the success of our renowned services. Learn more about three of our services that are a part of our bespoke solutions. Whilst being some of our most common service solutions, Telephone Answering, Virtual Reception and Virtual Switchboard may share some similarities, but here we discuss the differences.


Telephone Answering

Our professional telephone answering service ensures you do not miss important calls, your internal processes stay efficient, and your customers receive exceptional service on every single call. This is basic call answering for a simple solution to answering your important customer calls. We are here to provide you with the most cost-effective solution, followed by the best practices and industry insights. As an extension of your operations, we help you to stay on top of your incoming calls 24/7/365. 


Virtual Reception

Our virtual receptionists act as a dedicated extension of your team taking payments, bookings, replying to emails, answering call enquiries, among many other tasks. We will always work alongside you to decide on the most cost-effective practices and identify the most efficient processes so that every call is answered to perfection 24/7/365. We will guide you by referring to our insights that have been gathered for decades. Additionally, the solution we provide you with is completely bespoke to your specific requirements and needs, so we will spend some time with you and your team to understand the problems you face. Guaranteed premium customer experience, ensured maximum efficiency, and enhanced team collaboration. We enable your team to focus on daily operations and business tasks, always confident that every interaction with the customer is delivered to the highest standards.


Virtual Switchboard

A remote, virtual switchboard service that ensures every customer gets through to the right department or a member of your team 24/7/365.

If an employee is unavailable, a message can be taken and emailed directly to the recipient, so you can remain confident at all times that we have you covered at all times. 


We allow you to stay organised, efficient, and provide a cost-efficient solution that serves your business needs. With our continuous support, premium customer experience, and professional promotion of your brand image, we re-integrate with your team to deliver outstanding results at all times.