FM, the National Living Wage and Outsourcing thumbnail image Published on 26th January 2016 by Gemma Harding

In a recent survey of professionals in the Facilities Management industry more than 70% of workers say they felt more positive since the introduction of the new National Living Wage was announced by the Chancellor, at the Summer Budget.

59% of respondents state that they will feel more motivated at work as a result of their increase in pay.

More than a million workers in the UK aged 25 and over are set to directly benefit from the increase, which sees the current minimum rate of £6.70 increase by 50p. Many could see their pay packets rise by up to £900 a year.


Maximising Benefits of the National Living Wage


A number of UK companies have already pledged to pay at or above the new rate, including big brands like Morrisons, Lidl, National Express, and IKEA. How are employers going to deal with this National Living Wage and what other changes will they be making to the workplace? Ideas like taking lower profits and improving efficiency in the workplace are claims that some employers have made. (see image below)

CALLCARE’s remote call handling solution ensures no calls are missed and we triage your emergency calls according to your instructions.  We have over 18 years’ experience handling calls efficiently and effectively for companies in the Repair and Maintenance sector and our current clients include a number of facilities management organisations.

An outsourcing solution can help reduce costs whilst keeping your operational hours open 24/7.  Lowering your operating costs is not the only thing you can accomplish by outsourcing your calls to us. By outsourcing your calls to CALLCARE, we will guarantee:

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Using CALLCARE to handle your calls means you can rest easy in the knowledge that your engineers aren’t unnecessarily interrupted and contact is only made when needed. Our service enhances your customer service by raising service levels with minimal costs. Customer satisfaction will be increased due to instant response to emergencies and other issues, making your company synonymous with dedication to customer care.

Services that we provide for companies in the repair and maintenance sector include:

  • 24 hour emergency engineer call out lines
  • Telephone line support
  • Diary management / Booking lines
  • Customer service lines
  • Lone worker protection

If you’d like to speak to one of our specialists about our service please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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