How Much Are Missed Telephone Calls Costing Your Business?

In business, first impressions count. And if your customers cannot reach your company, they’re not going to fight an uphill battle. Instead, they’ll go to a business where customer service is centric to methodology. Lost calls equal missed business opportunities.

Despite living in the digital era – where social media and digital communications are the norms – businesses are still receiving up to 80 percent of incoming communications through the telephone. If you’re not there to answer these calls, you may not get that second chance as 85 percent of customers will move onto the next company.

Missed Opportunities And Missed Business

According to the latest research from BT Business, customers will only try to call a maximum of twice before taking their business elsewhere, with a fifth estimating they would call just once.

The research, which looked at customer’s attitudes to making phone calls, asked a range of questions including estimating the cost of missing one customer call. With the average answer being approximately £1,200 per call.

This means the UK’s small and medium sized businesses could be losing out on a combined figure of over 90 million by not being available to speak to potential customers.

When asked to estimate the cost of being contactable by phone for a full 24 hours, decision makers put the figure far higher. With the average over £9,000 and in some cases as high as £20,000.

The Demand For Call Management

The demand for better call management is only going to accelerate as customers’ expectations continue to grow. 90 percent of respondents agree their clients are increasingly wanting faster responses and more for their money. For businesses to compete, they’ll need to successfully adapt such trends in their strategy.

Over 70 percent of customers questioned have ended their relationship with a company due to poor customer service. With 61 percent of these taking their business to a competitor instead. No matter the size of your company, you cannot afford to lose this kind of business. Therefore, answering calls in a quick and professional manner is vital for maximising the profits of your business.

Call Centre Outsourcing Specialists

CALLCARE call handling services can help maintain a high level of customer service while cutting costs from lost business. Businesses who outsource their call management to a contact centre have claimed to have seen a 50 percent increase in productivity and savings of up to £12,000 a year.

CALLCARE representatives are both experienced and highly-trained. With CALLCARE, you can rest assured your customers are receiving the level of customer service they expect. CALLCARE clients rely on us to ensure their calls are answered quickly, courteously and professionally, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Gemma Harding
Gemma Harding

As Head of Client Services Gemma is an expert in the telephone answering services industry.