An overview of the UK’s telephone answering and messaging industry by Plimsoll Analysis has revealed Callcare Ltd as the best trading partner in 2013. The 60-page report, published in December last year, is the most accurate and in-depth study of the UK’s telephone answering and messaging sector. As well as containing up-to-date financial data, Plimsoll’s report uses both a written and graph-based analysis to examine the top 60 companies in the sector.

The Plimsoll Analysis is designed to carefully examine each company’s individual performance, using a standard model based analysis that compares companies on a like-for-like basis. For example, the report looks at a company’s profitability as well as how its market share has increased or decreased. The ‘best trading partner’ ranking is evaluated based on a combination of commercial and financial strength, with high performing companies striking the right balance between these two business health indicators.

Commercial strength is measured through the percentage of sales growth, so that large and small companies can be compared equally. High-ranking companies will likely be increasing sales. Financial strength is calculated by combining the total from 5 individual charts measuring factors such as profitability, trading stability and working capital. These results are then mapped onto a graph-based analysis with a high rising line indicating strong and improving financial strength. No two companies are the same in the way they balance their commercial and financial performance.

Based upon Plimsoll’s results, Callcare Ltd ranked no.1 in the ‘best trading partner’ category. Callcare Ltd is one of the UK’s leading call centre specialists, providing a 24/7 telephone answering service for businesses, including helpdesk support, customer service line and emergency helpline. With over 17 years of answering service experience, Callcare was ranked by Plimsoll in 2010 as the fastest growing UK telephone answering service.

Plimsoll is the leading publisher of company analysis and global market reports, providing in-depth studies of over 1,600 different markets in the UK alone. Their reports are considered the industry standard for those seeking to benchmark a company’s financial performance, analyse industry trends or identify market leaders.

Gemma Harding

As Head of Client Services Gemma is an expert in the call answering services industry.