Both large and small companies receive hundreds of calls on a weekly basis, too many to be handled by voicemail services.

To hire a physical person to answer the calls can prove to be expensive with their salary and the additional equipment needed, at a time when many businesses are having to cutback after the recession.

Outsourcing to a live telephone answering service means that an outside company will answer all your calls in a professional manner so you will never miss a call again.

This will leave you time to get on with your business, no more having to trawl through messages and calling people back, missing business opportunities because you have called someone back too late!

Many callers hang up the phone when they are faced with an answering machine message.  Only 50% of people will call back and choose to call someone else instead, losing you business.

By using a live telephone answering service fully trained and experienced staff will always answer a call within a couple of rings, any time of the day!

Someone who is polite and helpful will answer the call, which will give the caller a good impression of the business you are trying to market.  It will also make more people want to deal with your company in the future and recommend to others thus creating more business.

The friendly operators will be able to answer enquiries, take orders and bookings, messages or provide whatever service you require, if needed the operator would be able to assist in a more in-depth technical knowledge for a more professional service, or redirect your call to someone in your business who will be able to help further.

If you don’t want to receive calls from a particular person, the answering service can adapt to these needs too.

Outsourcing a telephone answering service is a very cost effective way of managing all your calls. Every business opportunity is taken advantage of, so your customers go away happy and hopefully you’ve done enough for them to come back again, time after time.

Gemma Harding

As Head of Client Services Gemma is an expert in the call answering services industry.