Qualify Personal Injury Calls by Outsourcing Call Handling thumbnail image Published on 7th December 2016 by Gemma Harding

Unlike many other areas of legal services, personal injury law has a high volume of traffic and enquiries, which often comes in the form of telephone calls. And, even clients whom initially engage via the internet will likely end up using the telephone for the majority of communication as their case develops. What this means is that a large infrastructure is required to handle the high call volume, and even with a large infrastructure many firms will still miss calls at peak times, and with it potential business.

Qualifying Leads in the Face of High Call Volume

On the face of it, high call volume sounds great as it means there are lots of potential cases for PI firms to be taking. However, this unfortunately is not the case. While personal injury firms will receive many initial contacts each day, only a small percentage of these will actually be genuine leads which the firm can take on. What this means is that many practices are wasting valuable man hours filtering through the high number of calls they receive to find the few which will generate revenue. While this is a costly process when it is just receptionists answering the phone, it gets even worse when you consider that in many practices during busy periods even fee earners will spend time answering the phone.

In a sector where margins are already tight, and set to become tighter as reforms to the claims process are implemented, the process of qualifying leads is often inefficient and costly. This is where our virtual receptionist service comes in.

Outsource to CALLCARE for a Cost Effective Solution

By Outsourcing inbound calls to a call handling provider such as CALLCARE, personal injury lawyers are able to qualify incoming leads while maximising ROI and improving customer service. CALLCARE provide personal injury firms with a team of dedicated operators to handle calls on their behalf 24 hours a day. We develop bespoke frameworks for each of our clients which our operators follow, that ensure correct data capture from every single call. This information is then passed through to the practice in real time, so they can follow up on the strongest leads as quickly as possible.

By using CALLCARE to qualify leads into your practice, you ensure fee earners time is never wasted on irrelevant calls, you have the large flexible infrastructure needed to handle high call volumes, and you can provide a superior customer journey whenever a call is made.

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