Published on 10th November 2011 by Gemma Harding

The Advantages Of Using A Call Centre

Large multinational companies continuingly put a huge emphasis on improving their level of sales and after-care offered with their products and guarantees. There is a general responsibility undertaken to provide this sales assistance on a twenty four hours a day and seven day a week basis which is pretty demanding at the best of times.

By using a call centre based establishment you can offer this facility for your customers on an on-going basis. These call centres, if required, can provide a twenty four hour a day emergency hotline for those who need a direct and immediate response for all their queries, repairs or general maintenance requirements.

The 24/7 call centres are staffed by skilled and fully trained personnel who will take care of your customers tactfully, sympathetically but most of all professionally responding to any customer enquiry. They will either provide assistance whilst on the telephone or immediately make contact with one of your technical engineers to help resolve the issue swiftly and proficiently.

There are other options available to you like having a recorded answer phone message but very often calls are not connected or the right ‘on call’ people cannot be contacted promptly – leaving your customers disappointed.

Channeling your business calls through a call centre means your calls are managed and filtered into general calls and enquiries and varying degrees of emergencies that require a quicker and more direct follow up. These are escalated, depending on the degree of the situation to your company representative.

All calls are answered immediately with very low to no waiting times and no call is left unanswered with any messages being emailed or text to your own company representatives at whatever level you set and are comfortable with.

There are certain types of business companies that this particular type of service is very popular with like public service areas, property maintenance companies and the like who have a specific need for being contactable out of normal business hours – like during the night or weekends and bank holidays. There are many call centres in London currently offering this service so make sure you take the time to research the company who will ultimately be handling your customers.

Using this type of company would improve the professional image of your business, meaning that your customers are happy with the services you can provide. CALLCARE247 currently have call centres in Manchester, Cambridge and London and expanding rapidly.