The top 5 benefits of call centre outsourcing thumbnail image Published on 11th May 2023 by Gemma Harding

Thinking of outsourcing your customer service calls? You’re not alone, as call centre outsourcing has become the norm in many industries. In fact, according to Genius Outsourcing Statistics UK, in 2019 over half (67%) of UK start-ups outsourced as a way of gaining a more skilled workforce.


If you’re struggling to handle the volume of enquiries in-house, or you simply want to free up resources to focus on other activities, outsourcing could be the way forward. It also gives you access to specialists who can deliver a high level of customer service – which is great for your company’s reputation. According to the Zendesk CX Trends 2022 report, 83% of customers are more likely to engage with companies that offer personalised customer services.


Still not convinced? Read on to find out about some of the many other benefits of call centre outsourcing.


Benefits of outsourcing customer service call centre


Relying on a specialist to handle your company’s incoming calls can deliver all kinds of benefits. These range from lowering costs, through to improving customer satisfaction and boosting your brand reputation. Let’s take a look at five of the most attractive benefits on offer:


1. Cost-effective


If you don’t have an in-house call handling centre, setting one up can be prohibitively expensive. There’s a huge amount of infrastructure, equipment and technology to purchase and install. And then of course, there are staff costs. You’ll need to pay for high-speed internet and sophisticated telecommunications equipment, call handling software and much more. 


When you outsource calls, there is a cost to pay – but it could work out much cheaper than setting up and maintaining an internal call centre. Outsourced call centres absorb all of the above costs, giving you just one contract fee covering all the services you need. With 71% of UK companies outsourcing to reduce costs, it’s simpler, more straightforward and could save you a bundle. 


2. Flexible


Linked to cost, another major benefit of outsourcing call handling is flexibility. A third-party call centre has the facilities, staff and resources to deal with any demand. It’s adaptable enough to scale up and down to cope with fluctuations in demand, or sudden changes in your needs. 


This just isn’t possible with an internal call centre, as you’d soon hit the ceiling of your capacity. Alternatively, you’d waste money on additional staff and resources during periods where they’re not needed – just in case of a sudden rise in demand. 


3. Simple quality monitoring


Even if your internal team can cope with demand, it’s unlikely that they’ll have the time to carry out quality monitoring and analysis. Third-party call centres have all the tools and processes in  place already, to provide you with regular quality reports and ensure a consistent level of service. And this of course means happier customers and clients at the other end of the phone.


4. Increased efficiency and productivity


With access to unlimited resources and highly trained staff, third-party call centres will be able to handle more calls than your internal team. This could mean a real boost to efficiency and productivity. It means more enquiries dealt with, more sales completed or more leads followed up on. All of this is great for your bottom line, and your company reputation. 


5.  Access to the latest technology and equipment 


Telecommunications tech, including software and equipment, changes all the time. Can you afford to keep up? If not, you could be left behind, unable to meet your customers’ expectations or deliver the level of service they need.  


Third-party call centres invest in this technology so that you don’t have to. This includes tech such as AI, process automation, video chat, advanced data analysis, omnichannel customer support and much more. 


How much does it cost to outsource customer service?


There’s no one-size-fits-all price for outsourcing customer services. This is because it’s crucial to get a tailored service that meets the exact needs of your business and its customers. 


A number of factors will determine how much it may cost to outsource to an external call centre. For example, the nature of your business, the size of your operation, and the hours you want the call centre to operate.