Could Your Business Handle Phone Lines Going Down?: Dulux Case Study thumbnail image Published on 14th August 2019 by Gemma Harding

Clients hold companies to high standards, especially when it comes to being able to access help by phone or email, day and night.


Should a disaster occur, consistent levels of communication are vital to avoid damage to the company’s reputation. Whether it is a disruption to business continuity, damage to power cables or phone lines, or a catastrophe such as a fire, communication is needed to maintain standard practice or to provide security to concerned stakeholders.


What would you do if your phone lines went down?

This is exactly what happened to one of our clients when disaster struck and their phone lines went down for 5 days.


Dulux is the UK’s leading paint brand, with a wealth of products and services designed to help you find the colours that you’ll love in your home, and give you the expert knowledge you’ll need to achieve great results.


Dulux’s customer service phone lines went down after an internal problem. Due to having already provided Dulux with a Disaster Recovery line in case such an incident should happen, we were able to step in at short notice to switch Dulux’s entire customer service line over to our team at CallCare.


We handled Dulux’s customer service line for 5 days while they undertook internal repairs to get the line back up and then switch back over from our team. During that period we handled 1,115 calls with an average ring time of 9 seconds.


“Thank you for your support, whilst this was an annoying thing to happen for us it was useful to test the support you can offer, your service helped us to maintain contact with our customers.” – Sean Godding, Technical Advice Centre Manager

Do you have procedures in place should such a disaster happen?


Find out here how we can keep you functioning when emergencies happen.


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