Why 24-hour call handling is the answer to your customer care issues thumbnail image Published on 6th September 2017 by Gemma Harding

While standard business hours are typically 9 till 5, an increasing number of businesses are now offering 24-hour care to their customers.


For product-based businesses in particular, round-the-clock call answering provides a direct route to support, enabling customers to get the answers they need long after the offices of competitors have closed.


Whether it’s the quest for greater customer satisfaction or reputation building that’s making you consider a 24-hour service, there’s no doubt that the number of businesses providing after hours support is on the rise. But do customers really want to speak to businesses 24/7, and ultimately is 24-hour care really necessary?


We explore the facts behind call handling so you can decide whether it’s the right step for you, your company and your customers.

A new age of customer care

In the ‘information age’ it’s no wonder consumers everywhere expect support from the brands they buy from 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


The customer service industry has undergone something of an evolution in recent years, and with technology at its forefront, the customer experience has been improved in more ways than one. With this expectation, however, comes problems – especially for businesses that aren’t moving with the times.


Technology no doubt makes our modern lives easier. Companies now have more ways to engage with their customers throughout their journey to checkout and beyond. Social media, email and live chat support are just some of the avenues used for brand-consumer communication.


However, despite a recent survey in which 84% of consumers said they would expect a response within 24 hours of posting on a company’s social media page, people still favour good, old-fashioned interaction over the phone. Another survey, by Accenture, reveals that 8 out of 10 customers would rather solve an issue with a person rather than via a digital channel.


With more than half of consumers switching brands because of poor service, we can see why the rise of 24-hour call centres is so evident.

The benefits of 24-hour call answering


There are many reasons why 24/7 call answering is an excellent solution for businesses of all sizes and niches. Here are just a few:


1. Higher customer satisfaction

Providing support round the clock is an excellent way to improve customer experience.


2. Better reputation

Those higher levels of customer satisfaction won’t go unnoticed. Companies providing better customer service will enjoy a great reputation, with word-of-mouth and referrals providing a continuous stream of business. This reputation for great customer care will also give you the edge over competitors.


3. Greater geographical flexibility

For organisations operating globally, 24-hour call answering ensures all customers from any part of the world are kept satisfied.


4. Improved efficiency on all fronts

It’s not just customer support that can be offered thanks to a 24-hour answering service. Order taking and management is made even more efficient.

How to implement 24-hour customer care

Implementing a 24-hour call-answering service within your own organisation and reaping the rewards couldn’t be easier.


Follow these steps to develop an answering service that works for your business:


Step 1. Complete an audit of your current customer care system and the requirements of your customers to understand whether 24/7 answering would work for you.


Step 2. If 24-hour care is right for your customer base, decide whether you need additional support to make it happen.


Step 3. Find a reputable outsourced call-answering service and associated package that works for your unique requirements. There are services that provide full call-answering solutions or packages to support your already established in-house customer-care team.


Step 4. Get in touch with your chosen partner and request a free trial and audit. This will help you understand your needs further, enabling a bespoke solution to be developed on your behalf.


Step 5. Enjoy the benefits of 24/7 call answering and profit from an even happier customer base.


Here at CALLCARE we provide a number of call handling packages for companies looking to improve their customer care offering and deliver round-the-clock availability to their customers.


If you find you can’t provide 24-hour care with your current resources, please contact our team direct for further details. You can also find information about our virtual receptionist service and other call answering solutions right here.