There are many UK-based call centres still in the country that offer professional and reliable services for your business. Although call centres seem to have received a bad name in recent years, their function is still very popular in the business world as they offer a crucial service that many businesses would be lost without.

A call centre will set up your telephone lines so that any of your business calls are directed straight to the call centre. A dedicated and professional member of staff from the call centre is then able to answer the calls, which can be very beneficial. Not only are they trained to deal with the call appropriately, but they are able to answer the call quickly, which can be more than you are able to do when your own business offices. Your current staff may only be able to answer one call at a time, and they may even have to put callers on hold which can cause frustration.

A call centre can work around your specific needs. For example, if you simply need a telephone answering service set up for busy periods of the day when your normal staff will be unable to answer the phone, this is possible with a UK-based call centre. However, it also works if you are a growing company and wish to dedicate more time to answering your customers calls, to help build your customer service reputation.

Choosing a UK-based call centre is important. Outsourcing to a foreign country can frustrate your customers, as it can take some time to connect their calls and they may not receive a very clear line when they speak to the foreign representative. Many consumers also prefer to speak to UK based people, where regional accents are clearer and more welcoming.

In recent studies, the Manchester accent was voted one of the friendliest in all of the UK. By using a Manchester-based call centre, you may find that your customers are immediately impressed with your business simply because they are speaking to what they perceive to be a very friendly and approachable representative to your company.

Gemma Harding
Gemma Harding

As Head of Client Services Gemma is an expert in the telephone answering services industry.