Acis are a social housing provider and housing association which has been going since 1999.


About Acis

Acis are a social housing provider and housing association which has been going since 1999 and has over six and a half thousand properties in Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and South Yorkshire. Acis also have some student accommodation, in both Nottingham and Sheffield.


They run a 24/7 repair service for their customers, through a company called Prime, of which Acis is the sole owner.

The Challenge

Acis went out to tender in 2009 for out of hours outsourcing services to test the water on what other providers had to offer. At the time Acis chose to stay with their current provider.


Acis went to tender a second time after their supplier stopped providing their services. At this point, they weighed up an outsourced provider and an in-house option.


They chose to outsource to CallCare due to the support that was there from the account manager and becoming clear it was a  partnership they wanted to form to provide a professional service to their customers.

The Outcome

Acis were given 6 months by their previous supplier until the end of their services. By the time the tender process had taken place, this gave CallCare and Acis 2 months to put the service in place.


CallCare went live on time with the service after a smooth transition process. Providing Acis a partnered approach and support with script building and guiding out the best possible customer journey. Acis were able to mould the service to their opinions policy and reporting was put in place to maintain a strong partnership moving forwards.


CallCare went on to build its partnership with Acis and provide their engineers with a texting service to provide their engineers with all the information they need to provide the service to Acis’ customers.

Graham Spires

‘We’ve been working with CallCare since 2016. They provide our emergency out of hours repair service to our customers, and they’re also there to support us during the day if we have any call overflow, or if we have any of our training days where we need to shut our contact centre.


In the time that we’ve been working with them, I found them very flexible, very approachable, and very helpful in setting up ad hoc things that we need every now and again.


They provide a very professional service to our customers, which to Acis is vitally important and I’m more than happy with the way that they provide that and the support that they provide to me and our engineers as well, who are the ones taking the calls out of hours.’


Graham Spires – Customer Service Manager

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