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About Slater & Gordon

Slater and Gordon are one of the UK’s leading consumer law firms with lawyers based locally around the country. Their reputation is built on the range of expertise offered by specialist lawyers across all areas of consumer law. They’re leaders in the field of group litigation actions, public inquiries and inquests.

The Challenge

Slater and Gordon partnered with CallCare in 2013 requiring a reception overflow service. After acquiring various businesses over several years, Slater and Gordon needed a centralised service solution to create one central reception hub.

The Outcome

CallCare initially provided Slater and Gordon with a reception overflow service to help support their requirement to streamline their recent acquisitions and provide a central point for their customer service and reception.


Once this had been successfully implemented Slater and Gordon reached out to CallCare to expand their service to include inbound enquiries. CallCare helped provide additional resources whilst still providing cost savings for Slater and Gordon. CallCare did this with a fully staffed operations centre waiting to take inbound leads and triage the calls to enable a smooth transition from the first call to a legal advisor. Additionally, CallCare provided translation support to help the client and solicitor effectively communicate, ensuring both parties had the required details for the case. The process was completely bespoke to Slater and Gordon, working together to ensure the right questions where asked to first-time callers and provide high-quality service throughout the customer journey.


After several years working in partnership with Slater and Gordon, on the 26th October 2018 CallCare were able to support Slater and Gordon with handling a large influx of calls and enquiries on a campaign basis. Slater and Gordon were taking legal action against the Volkswagen Group based on illegal levels of emissions from manufacturer vehicles. With minimal notice, CallCare answered 543 calls for the emissions action.


Moving forwards in CallCare’s long-standing partnership with Slater and Gordon, CallCare were asked to add another additional service to include support on an internal basis for Slater and Gordon’s I.T help desk. This service was provided by our trained staff and set up with Slater and Gordon’s own I.T to allow for first-time resolution calls to be achieved. Ensuring basic questions were asked first to help callers resolve their own issues and then escalating those calls which needed more investigation. CallCare has helped save hours of time for the internal I.T resource.


Most recently, as businesses have had to change and adapt their procedures in 2020, CallCare implemented a dedicated team for Slater and Gordon managing their switchboard across the entire group. This came about from the longstanding, quality service that CallCare has provided. CallCare currently provides switchboard services including triaging new enquiries, transferring existing enquiries to specific departments or colleagues within Slater and Gordon. Achieving a high-quality service whilst providing necessary cost savings for Slater and Gordon.

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