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Interpreter Call Service

5 key benefits of using CALLCARE’s interpreter services:

  • Improved communication and better understanding of customer needs and requirements
  • Reduced international staffing & procurement costs as all calls can be dealt with by one call centre
  • Greater customer satisfaction as they feel valued by being spoken to in their national language
  • Reduced call times and costs as callers are not struggling to make themselves understood
  • Ability to test and question new markets and consumers before overseas expansion

Today’s businesses operate on a global scale.

However, when dealing with customers, suppliers and prospects, all businesses want to be perceived as local and responsive to the caller’s needs and requirements.

At CALLCARE we understand the communication issues that this can create and can provide an interpreter service for international callers. We are able to seamlessly link up calls with a translator, in real time, which is ideal for emergency helplines and international customer service.

Our translation service is available for any language with a link up that is quick and unobtrusive. The operator sets up a three way call to include an interpreter who listens to the caller and relays the information back to the CALLCARE operator. The operator records the message and responds back to the caller via the interpreter. All messages generated are relayed in English and sent directly to the intended recipient via email.

Clients that find our translation services useful include international construction companies, who benefit from the ability to effectively relate site information to colleagues around the world. Also, universities and healthcare organisations value the improved communications and service levels the service allows.

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