Spot The Difference: Customer Service And Customer Experience Are Not The Same thumbnail image Published on 31st March 2015 by Gemma Harding

Customer service and customer experience are both responsible for increasing customer satisfaction levels and improving ROI. However, customer service and customer experience are two different concepts. So, the big question is why are they so different and how do these differences affect business?

Customer Experience Vs. Customer Service

Customer experience collectively describes the many elements and touchpoints a customer has with your company throughout their lifespan as a customer.

Customer service forms the basis of the customer experience, describing the touchpoints a customer has interacted with representatives.

In the past, a large proportion of the interaction customers had with businesses was human-based. This meant customer service was the ultimate touchpoint in the customer-business relationship. Therefore, good customer service amounted to an exceptional customer experience.

However, as time progressed, technology advanced and organisations found more innovative ways to connect and reach out to their customer-base. Now customer service – important as it still is – has become just one touchpoint of what we call the ‘customer experience.

Provide Your Customers With A Memorable Customer Experience

Research shows 89 per cent of consumers who have experienced a poor customer service will leave your brand for your competition. A well-executed customer experience strategy will result in customers for life. Here are five ways you can provide your customers with a memorable customer experience:

  • 45 per cent of consumers will abandon an online transaction if their questions are not addressed quickly. Therefore, it’s important your organisation is on hand to deliver an effective and efficient customer service. Further, you must always be consistent with your experience across all channels.
  • Be available for your customer-based around the clock. Utilise every channel out there to allow for customers to reach you at their time of need. An effective way to do this by outsourcing your call handling to a 24 hour contact centre.
  • 40 per cent of customers expect the representatives they speak with are prepped with the correct information and knowledge to resolve their issue. Your customer service representatives must be prepared to deal with all circumstances.
  • Be attentive by listening carefully to every customers’ needs. Make each experience personal and never give your customers the feeling that they are “just another sale.
  • Aim to be creative with your methods and find unique ways to create an unforgettable experience.