Published on 9th November 2011 by Gemma Harding

If you are the owner or a manager of a company you will appreciate the importance of having a good customer service in place. This is essential for customer retention rates.

Exceptional Customer Experience

good customer service

With the internet available to almost everyone, customers find it so easy to shop around for a service or a product; you need to be ahead of the game. By changing the way your telephone is answered you will make your company stand out from the rest.

When customers call they need to feel appreciated; they would rather speak to a real live person and  not an answer phone. From your point of view you have to find the time to listen to messages and then call them back, it can all be very frustrating not only for the customer but for you as well. It can disrupt your staff in the office as well, as they have to constantly answer the phone instead of getting on with their work.

Many companies are finding out all the benefits of changing the way they answer the phone by transferring all their business calls to London call centres. These are based in large offices, staffed by local people.

Whatever size your company is, a telephone package can be arranged to suit your business needs. When your customers call, they will be greeted with a real person, who will answer in your company name so your callers won’t even know they have been transferred to a call centre.

The fully trained operators will be briefed on your company and the business you provide and they will be able to take messages, bookings, orders and whatever you require. A telephone package can be arranged and if your requirements change at a later day, then that’s no problem, at the London call centres they will change along with you.

The first point of call usually for a customer is the telephone; it is so important that you get it right. Changing the way your phone is answered is the first step to creating that good first impression that makes your company stand out from the others.