What do SMEs need – and how can a virtual receptionist help? thumbnail image Published on 29th June 2017 by Gemma Harding

In a recent survey by Liberis, the concerns and aspirations of 200 UK SMEs for business growth in the coming year were clearly spelled out.

What do SMEs need – and how can a virtual receptionist help them to achieve this?

First let’s look at the challenges SME business owners are facing.

What do SMEs need?

  • 58% of SME business owners say their main priority is to reduce costs
  • Competition is seen as the greatest challenge that businesses face
  • 39% are looking to grow their business in the coming year
  • The two things that most wish to achieve are a healthy work-life balance (28%) and the ability to reduce wasted time by planning ahead (17%)

How can a virtual receptionist help your business overcome these challenges?

Focus on growth

Not being able to see the wood for the trees doesn’t quite describe one of the main barriers to business growth. The real challenge is not being able to escape the present to plan for the future.

Those phone calls and that admin can constantly distract you from the pressing need to plan for growth.

A key benefit of a virtual receptionist is taking you away from the front line. They provide the space you need to focus on growth. They can help you maintain a healthy work-life balance by reducing ‘wasted’ time and allowing you to plan ahead.

Give yourself the edge

Customer service can be the key differential in winning customers. And it is certainly the main tool you can leverage to retain customers.

It costs around five times more to sell to a new prospect than to sell to an existing customer who previously enjoyed the buying experience. Ensuring you offer a better customer experience than your competitors is critical.

Virtual receptionists are faultlessly professional, trained call handlers. They offer impeccable customer service.

In a business environment that is characterised by the threat of competitors, gaining the edge on the customer service you offer may help you reach the tipping point to secure that sale.

Cut costs

Virtual receptionists are an incredibly cost-effective solution. There are no recruitment fees, no training costs and no hidden staff costs in terms of benefits and holidays. In fact, you can employ your virtual receptionist only at your busiest times of year.

Never lose an opportunity

It’s usually true that the biggest opportunities are those you missed. And no business can afford to let opportunities go by.

Yet your business must also ensure it focuses on the opportunities it already has.

This is another key benefit that a virtual receptionist brings. They ensure that, even when no one is available, enquiries can be taken and leads kept warm. They allow you to capitalise on every lead without placing the onus on you to greet every prospect.

Find out how a virtual receptionist can help you grow

This is what business owners identified as their challenges and aspirations:

  • SMEs need to grow and cut costs
  • Gaining an edge over competitors is crucial
  • Reducing time that is wasted will allow
    • A healthier work-life balance
    • Time to focus on growth

A virtual receptionist will help you start achieving all these business goals.

To find out how your business could benefit, get in touch with our team today for further information.