What is an outbound call centre? thumbnail image Published on 28th July 2023 by Gemma Harding

Outbound call centres can play a crucial role in generating leads and driving sales. But what is outbound calling, how does it work and could it benefit your business?


In short, an outbound call centre is a communication hub that makes outgoing calls to potential customers. It centres on generating interest in your company’s products or services, or closing sales. This type of call centre can also be used to run surveys to generate feedback about your business, and to carry out market research.


This is in contrast to inbound call centres, which field incoming calls to your business, such as queries from existing customers.


Some companies run outbound call centres themselves in-house, but many opt to delegate this task to specialist outsourced call centres.


What is the outbound calling process?


The outbound calling process can differ depending on the organisation running it. However, there are certain steps that are typically taken in order to get these campaigns off the ground.


For example, the process usually starts with careful planning. Businesses need to make sure they know the specific objectives they want to achieve through their outbound calling, and how they will measure the success of their campaigns.


It is also vital that the sales representatives who will be making the outbound calls have undergone in-depth training to make sure they can serve as effective brand ambassadors for the businesses they are representing. In many cases, sales reps are provided with call scripts to help ensure they cover all of the most salient points in a professional and compelling manner.


To ensure maximum efficiency, predictive dialling systems are often set up. These systems make the process of reaching out to the right people as quick and easy as possible. They can screen out voicemail, non-answers and busy signals to ensure that agents are only on the phone when they are actually speaking to people.


Once all the preparation work has been completed, businesses can start their outbound calling campaigns, keeping track of their success as they go.


What are the benefits of outbound marketing?


There are various benefits associated with outbound calling, and outbound marketing more generally. This proactive approach to engaging with potential customers can be a highly effective way of boosting lead generation and sales. It allows you to connect with more people who might be interested in your products or services, giving you the opportunity to reach a bigger customer base. Ultimately, this can help you to grow your business.


Related to this, outbound marketing can be useful for the purposes of building brand awareness. It exposes more people to your messaging and gives them information on what you have to offer.


Can you outsource outbound call centre services?


As touched on previously, it is possible to outsource outbound calls, meaning you can use a specialist third-party service provider to carry out these campaigns on your behalf. By delegating lead generation in this way, you can reap the benefits of this type of marketing without having to invest the time, effort and resources you would need to staff your own in-house outbound call centre.


Outsourcing removes the need for you to recruit additional employees for this task, or redirect current employees from their existing work to this project. It also saves you the training resources you would need to use, and it means you don’t have to invest in specialist call centre equipment and software.


Another benefit of outsourcing is that it gives you full scalability. You can increase or decrease your investment in this type of marketing quickly and easily in line with the changing demands of your business.


The key to outsourcing outbound call centre services successfully is to choose a provider that will act as a seamless extension of your own team, ensuring you are represented in the best possible way during outbound calls. At CallCare, we take the time needed to really get to know your business, and our customer service representatives are all highly trained and professional. You can discover more about how we can help you by visiting our sales outsourcing and lead generation service page.