Published on 18th October 2021

At CallCare, we recently launched our ‘CX insights: How businesses can earn and retain loyalty from their customers’ campaign – an eBook that takes a closer look at the customer experience and why this journey is so important.


Our eBook contains a wealth of information regarding the customer journey, including tips and advice on how you can improve this experience in terms of your own business. We’ve also conducted a survey to find out which factors have an impact on the customer journey, which in turn can affect loyalty and retention. For a sneak peak, keep reading.




What does our data tell us?


Our eBook focuses on data we’ve collected from a survey of 400 call centre agents and customer service advisors from across the UK. The survey asked call centre agency employees, in-house customer service staff and freelance workers a series of questions to gain a better understanding of four of the main areas that can have a huge influence on customer experience – demographics, industry, language and scams.


We analysed our findings to see how each of these areas affects customer experience.




Demographics allow you to better understand your target audience, which in turn gives you the opportunity to hone your products and services so that they meet, and even exceed, expectations.


Our survey data focused on demographics in terms of difficulty, revealing which age groups our respondents feel are the most challenging when providing customer service over the phone. Our respondents rated customers aged 67 and over as the hardest to deal with on the phone, with this getting less difficult the younger the age bracket.


But why is this? Our research indicates that technological know-how might have something to do with it. When asked which age group are the most technologically advanced, our survey respondents unsurprisingly said they feel the younger generations are more ‘in the know’ when it comes to all things tech. Over half (52%) of our respondents consider 18 to 24 years olds to be the most up to speed with technology, with the 25 to 40 age bracket following close behind with 36%.


In contrast, our respondents deem those aged 57 and 66, as well as those who are aged 67 and over, the least up-to-date with the latest tech, with just 2% of customer advisors and agents choosing each of these age brackets.


So, how can you turn even the most challenging phone calls with the least technologically advanced customers into an outstanding experience? Our eBook explores the importance of having patience with every customer, as well as highlighting the fact that shorter calls don’t necessarily mean a better experience and how setting agent efficiency benchmarks can improve and enhance the processes you already have in place.




Customer experience is crucial, regardless of industry – but which sectors could make improvements to ensure their customers are fully satisfied? Our survey asked our respondents, as customer service providers and customers themselves, which industries they feel take the longest to complete customer service communication.


According to our respondents, the Financial Services industry takes the longest – but why is this? In our eBook, we delve deeper into why this particular sector seems to take longer than others, looking closely at the security checks process.




When it comes to the language we use around gender, customer expectations are changing. To create a truly inclusive customer experience, it’s important to educate yourself and your workers on gender neutral language. Using inclusive language and not assuming pronouns can help to wide your client base, attract more people to your brand and make each and every customer feel valued, no matter what their identity.When asked how they would best describe their knowledge of gender-inclusive pronouns, the majority (53%) of our survey respondents said they were fully aware of this use of language, showing that many customer service agents and advisors are already playing an important part in creating a more gender-inclusive space within the business world.


We also discover that younger people appear to have more of an awareness of this type of language when speaking to customers, with 70% of 18 to 24 year olds stating that they feel they are fully aware of gender-specific pronouns.


However, there is always room for improvement. While the majority of those surveyed claim to already be aware of using gender-inclusive language, it is something that is a constant work in progress with the end goal of making your customers feeling more comfortable and confident enough to get in touch.




Technology is constantly improving, but with that, scammers become more advanced in their ability to dupe innocent people, and the fallout can be alarming, especially financially. Our survey results revealed that over half (59%) of our customer service agent and advisor respondents have seen an increase in the number of people questioning their intentions as a result of the rise in spam calls.


So what can be done to assure customers and keep them protected against potential scam calls while still maintaining a positive customer experience? Our respondents suggested their own ideas for how businesses could do this. Ideas included two factor authentication, call back services, security questions, dedicated fraud teams and much more.


Getting it just right


The customer experience journey can look different for different businesses – but which well-known brands are doing it right? Using data obtained by market research company YouGov, our eBook presents the top brands for each sector in terms of the customer service they provide. From O2 and Adidas, to Tesco and M&S, you can see if you agree with the ranking of these top tier brands.


If you’re keen to improve customer satisfaction, we’ve also included our top five tips so you can take your business from strength to strength.


For a more detailed look at our survey data, as well as useful tips and advice, check out our full eBook right now. At CallCare, we’re perfectly positioned to assist you in improving your customer journey through our call handling support services. Get in touch with us today, and join the conversation using #CXinsights.