Published on 10th June 2020

The extension of the UK’s furlough scheme until October not only provides businesses with some sense of clarity during these uncertain times, but even more significantly it also gives those same businesses a degree of breathing space.


As such, the approach to your business’ call handling might have changed. The long term goal may well be to get back to a pre-COVID sense of normality, and with it the return of all your employees. But for now that probably isn’t possible – government regulations concerning social distancing being one considerable handicap. That may well mean that your reception staff will be one of the last of your team to return.


However, while everything seems to be rapidly changing in the business world and we all have to get used to a multitude of ‘new normals’, a few fundamentals remain. The business has to continue, and that means fielding a raft of enquiries – whether calls, emails or messages – from your customers. You may notice some spikes in demand and calls may come in at new times (your customers are having to get used to some new realities too). We’re certainly noticing an extension of the working day, with the sense that the traditional 9-5 work day might not be as prevalent as in the past.


These are not the only pressure points we’re witnessing. The changing nature of customer enquiries can mean slimmed down businesses are under resourced when it comes to handling concurrent calls or not being able to transfer calls to the right person. This is frustrating for businesses and customers alike.


There might be the temptation to bring staff back to mitigate against this. But at a moment in time when businesses are tightening their belts, can you afford to? Taking advantage of the UK furlough scheme would seem the sensible option – particularly as it brings us back to that idea of clarity and a much-needed breathing space.


If all of this rings true, CallCare is here to help. Whether it’s short-term cover you require to help pick up the slack, or you’re looking to kick off a post-COVID era with a fresh approach courtesy of the data-led insights we can bring, CallCare provides a flexible, experienced and sophisticated solution to your call handling issues.


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