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Customer Care Services

With CALLCARE you can fully outsource your customer service lines to provide your clients with a high standard of customer service while remaining cost effective.

  • Access our flexible infrastructure to meet fluctuating call volumes without overstaffing
  • We seamlessly integrate with your systems to manage customer enquiries and provide updates in real time
  • We’re FCA accredited to take payments on your behalf over the phone
  • All our operators undergo rigorous training to ensure the highest standards of service

Every customer service solution we provide is completely bespoke and can contain elements from our entire library of services based on your requirement.
This can include order taking, appointment booking, 24/7 help desks, call transfers and more.
get in touch with us today and arrange a free audit so we can create a custom service that meets the needs of your business.

Customer Care Services

Providing good customer care services is vital to creating a good experience for your customers and clients. Creating a good customer experience will benefit your organisation in a number of ways.
The better the experience your clients and customers receive, the more likely they are to stay with your organisation and use your products or services again.
Studies suggest that new customers can cost 10 times as much to generate as it costs to maintain an existing customer. They also show that repeat customers tend to spend 67% more and have larger transactions.
By prioritising customer care and customer service, businesses can improve their customer retention and benefit from the improved ROI that comes from investing time and money in an existing customer base.
Another benefit of providing good customer service is an increase in referrals and word of mouth business opportunities.
Research has shown that word of mouth marketing drives sales by at least 5 times as much as paid marketing, and up to 200 times as much for high consideration categories.
If your organisation can provide exceptional customer service and create positive customer experiences, your existing customers will be much more likely to provide a referral for your business.

Outsourced Customer Service

An effective and immediate way to improve the quality of customer service in any organisation is to utilise an outsourced customer service provider.
A dedicated customer service provider will have the infrastructure and specialisms required to provide an extremely high standard of customer service while remaining cost effective.
The latest technology allows an outsourced customer service provider to seamlessly integrate with your existing systems.
This means that although the service provider is off-site, there are no additional delays when outsourcing.
This means that there is no compromise to the standard of service that the customers and clients receive, and that other departments using the systems won’t be negatively affected.
All changes, messages, and updates made by an outsourced customer service provider can be seen in real time so it is no different from working with a customer service team in house.
By outsourcing customer services, organisations can benefit from improved productivity, efficiency and cost savings while still providing clients and customers with the expected standard of service.

Customer Service Call Handling

Outsourcing can be particularly effective in customer service when it comes to managing customer service lines.
One of the challenges many large organisations face when it comes to managing their customer service calls is dealing with high call volume.
High call volume requires a call centre, and call centre management is a very specific skill. Everything from HR to IT is different when applied to a call centre compared to a standard office environment.
The second challenge of high call volume is that it is rarely constant and consistent. Call volume will change dramatically based on a variety of factors including internal ones like new product launches and offers, to external ones like postal strikes, the media, and even the weather.
This makes staffing to meet high call volume a challenge as many business are required to staff in preparation for their highest call volumes, which is in efficient and expensive when the call volume dips.
Outsourcing customer service lines provides a solution to both of these challenges.
As an outsourced call handling provider specialises in handling calls, they have all the infrastructure knowledge and staff they need to effectively run a call centre.
When it comes to the challenge of staffing to meet high volume, outsourcing to a call handler completely eliminates the issue.
With a call handler you pay for the time the operators spend handling your calls. You do not pay the wages of the operators directly.
That means you pay based on usage, and will not be charged for the operators down time when they are not taking your calls.
This makes call handling the most effective solution for large organisations looking for a flexible infrastructure to react to constantly changing call volumes.

Outsourced Customer Service Lines

At CALLCARE we specialise in providing dedicated outsourced customer service lines.
We help our clients to manage high call volume and provide an exceptional standard of customer service for their clients and customers.
We’ve invested £15 million in our technology and infrastructure so we can seamlessly integrate with our clients’ systems to work directly with their CRM and provide a fully outsourced customer service solution.
We are FCA accredited so we can handle all kinds of monetary transactions required as part of our customer service duties, and we are fully compliant with Data Protection practices at all times.
Every customer service solution we provide is completely bespoke and can combine elements from our entire range of services including order taking, diary management, engineer call-out and remote switchboards.
For more information about how CALLCARE can provide you with a fully outsourced customer service solution get in touch with us today.

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