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Call Handling And Diary Management For IT Companies

CALLCARE assists a variety of IT companies, from those that offer 24hr repair services to SEO and PPC companies, that need someone to filter their daily calls so that they can focus on their workload.

Typically, CALLCARE works with IT companies on a fully integrated system, managing both their calls and diary functions allowing them to focus on their core competencies.

The experience we have gathered over 12 years of working with IT companies has enabled our operators to deal directly with basic IT questions and only escalating customer issues where necessary.

Additionally, many online marketing companies benefit from the measurement facilities and reporting our telephone lines can offer, therefore helping with the management and evaluation of their campaigns.

4 ways in which IT companies typically use CALLCARE:

  • To manage their diaries and appointments – engineer call out
  • To provide troubleshooting for generic IT issues – information hotline
  • To take calls when employees are off site and unable to answer their phone – back up support
  • To provide dedicated campaign response lines, taking calls generated via online marketing activities – media response lines

4 benefits of CALLCARE’s services to IT companies:

  • Increased time to spend on new business acquisition as our operators can troubleshoot issues before escalation
  • Easier work distribution and diary management with our operators booking call-outs and evenly spreading the workload
  • Simple set up as CALLCARE technology is easily integrated into most standard IT systems
  • Better evaluation and measurement of online activities and response rates

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